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What is a “COVID Hospitalization”?


What is a “COVID Hospitalization”?

  • Someone enters hospital for some reason (not COVID). A COVID test is given and the person is asymptomatic or has minimal symptoms. Is this person “hospitalized for COVID”?
  • Someone enters hospital for some reason (not COVID). A few days later, the person tests positive for COVID in the hospital. Is this person “hospitalized for COVID”?
  • Someone with multiple morbidities enters hospital for heart pain, stroke assessment, kidney problems, broken arm, whatever. This person tests positive for COVID, but no other symptoms. Is this person “hospitalized for COVID”?
  • Some enters hospital with a massive heart attack/stroke/etc. Later, it is found that this person has COVID. Is this person a COVID death?
  • Etcetera.

Just wondering if there is any real science involved, or if this is all in support of the narrative. Meaning “with” and “from” and “caused by” all seem to be meaningless distinctions as far as I can tell.

Update, the day after I wrote this... adding it as just one example of reality.

The Epoch Times: UK Expert Warns Against Overinterpreting COVID-19 Data

2021-12-28, By Alexander Zhang.

A British medical expert has said that official data are prone to be overinterpreted as it does not distinguish between people who are hospitalised for COVID-19-related illnesses and those who receive medical care for other reasons but then test positive.

He said: “In the previous peaks, we’ve had some very seriously ill older people who’ve got really significant respiratory problems and … they had to go into critical care.

“The difference this time is we’ve got quite a few patients who are coming in—they might have fallen off their bike and knocked their head or broken their leg—and what’s happening is they’ve got no symptoms but when they arrive, they’re actually testing positive for COVID.

“Interestingly, the statistics that we use don’t actually distinguish between those two. So we just need to be careful about overinterpreting the data.”


WIND: with Omicron and idiotic testing regimes, expect a surge beyond all surges, and people dead from traffic accidents to test positive and be counted as COVID deaths.

Anyone with an IQ higher than a donkey knows assumed/presumed/bogus COVID diagnosis has been done to stoke fear and panic since the beginning, or at the least because it’s never discouraged and likely strongly encouraged by those who stand to gain. That’s not to discount serious illness and death from COVID (that’s plenty real), but the dishonest reporting has led to massively destructive errors in public policy.

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