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The Epoch Times: US COVID-19 Cases Hit Record High, Hospitalizations and Deaths Remain ‘Comparatively Low’: CDC

re: ethics in medicine
re: COVID Omicron variant

Presumably all those vaccinated people are at very low risk of hospitalization and death if they get any variant at this point, even if they get sick. And if they get Omicron, they get wonderful natural immunity, far more robust and durable than any vaccine-based protection to date.

But the vaccinated are the primary source of spread now, that much is obvious—there is no other way to make the numbers work, plus countries with nearly 100% vaccination rates are seeing record surges. The narrative can no longer hide that inconvenient truth.

The Epoch Times: US COVID-19 Cases Hit Record High, Hospitalizations and Deaths Remain ‘Comparatively Low’: CDC

2021-12-30, by Isabel van Brugen. Emphasis added.

New COVID-19 cases in the United States have soared to their highest level on record, as the Omicron coronavirus variant is estimated to have taken over the virus’s Delta variant as the most prevalent strain contributing to new COVID-19 infections.

The United States is seeing over 265,000 new COVID-19 infections per day on average, according to data kept by Johns Hopkins University, surpassing a prior record of 250,000 daily cases set in mid-January.

CDC officials have said they don’t yet have estimates of how many hospitalizations or deaths out of the total are due to the high transmissible Omicron variant.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Wednesday told reporters that while some data from other countries showed less severe disease with the Omicron variant, it was too early to gauge the impact across the United States, particularly given its uneven vaccination rates.

“The rapid increase in cases we are seeing across the country is, in large part, a reflection of the exceptionally transmissible Omicron variant,” she said. “In a few short weeks, Omicron has rapidly increased across the country and we expect will continue to circulate in the coming weeks.”


WIND: incompetence and bullshit from the CDC,: “estimated”, “too early to gauge”, etc. The CDC has had a month to track things now. Did they all go home for a week for XMAS just as they spread fear? First they produce model-based fake “data” to support COVID terrorism, now they don’t know what is happening?

And this is rich, coming from the straddling of science’s bent-over buttocks the past two years and ramming their junk home:

“We are standing on the shoulders now of two years of science,” Walenksy told NPR on Tuesday of the new rules...

The CDC is in full damage-control mode as their incompetence is plain to see. Watch the narrative change even more as the Omicron holiday gift does humanity a favor.

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