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Do We Now Really Finally Have “Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve”... by Seeing Tens of Millions Infected Quickly by COVID Omicron?

re: COVID Omicron variant

Here is it Jan 1, 2022, and we might be over and done with COVID by February.

The hyper-infective COVID Omicron variant is apparently surging through the population of the USA and most of the world. It is unstoppable, and even the feckless jackasses in charge now admit that, by cutting quarantine periods in half.

Mass-testing for every case of the Sniffles variant is making for a massively skewed impression of infectiousness: more testing = more cases (if the tests can even distinguish COVID from influenza and the common cold). But we’ve never tested like this before. All or nearly all COVID data has been garbage (GIGO) all along, and current data cannot be compared to past data as it would be wholly unscientific when testing frequency and protocols are changed. We could have had high-quality surveillance data, but the CDC was incompetent.

Letting COVID Omicron run through the population is the new plan for mass vaccination, as nothing else is feasible. Given this inevitability, the other new plan is for the CDC and FDA to pivot to lighten-up their restrictions, so as to stay politically viable, to try to claim a win after all the harm they’ve done.

Hopefully the public will take charge very soon, and tell the government to fuck-off with masks, fuck-off with vaccines, fuck-off with lockdowns, once and for all. It will only take 60% of the public to make this happen, and this destructive governmental policy nightmare can end.

  • Masks as worn by the public never stopped community spread. There was never a single credible scientific study showing it, as if it were not self-evident.
  • The vaccinated were both protected and harmed—a balance will never be reported accurately/truthfully. Fake official data on vaccine effectivness abounds, since no accounting for prior natural immunity (either COVID or coronavirus) was done.
  • Natural immunity and its benefits were suppressed and ignored and yet it is natural immunity that is the backbone of the current state of affairs, with the pandemic of the vaccinated in full swing.
  • The economic carpet-bombing of society did massive damage, sacrificing the most vulnerable for the wealthy and well-off. This damage is irreversible and lifelong for tens of millions of people. We were never “in this together”.
  • The chickens will come home to roost on health consequences from delayed medical care and health-care avoidance.
  • Mass-testing is and was idiocy—testing wantonly of kids and people without symptoms, so their lives could be put on hold for ten days, and with a test prone to far too many false positives.
  • Children were never at risk and were hugely harmed by school shutdowns and the harm will last for many years in many ways.
  • COVID is and was an illness predominantly affecting the elderly/obese/weak, but 100X more people had their lives ruined by unconstitutional policies that feckless courts failed to halt.

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