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COVID: Which Unknown Risk is Bigger? And How to Compare the Unknown Benefit?


Take two unknown risks... which is larger, A or B? Isn’t it obvious?

Anyone who claims A or B is lying or stupid or trying to persuade you. They are not on your side, because they are trying to sway you with bullshit. Weighing unknown risks and claiming one is better as a claim of fact is the province of the dishonest. Yet that applies to just about everything you are told in the COVID narrative.

What we have today is a nest of lying snakes forcing you to inject yourself with a vaccine of unknown risks. Unknown short term risks—poorly studied and mostly dismissed (who the heck knows what VAERS data actually signifies, or its real magnitude?). I know from experience how lax doctors are about reporting very serious side effects—as a rule they are not interested and it’s dismissed as “anecdotal”. Then there are absolutely unknown long terms risks—you cannot study the future! As well as future risks of inferior immunity vs natural immunity, and even possibly impaired immunity from vaccination (even genetic damage?) in as yet unknown ways.

The narrative and these mandates and policies are all for an unknown benefit with unknown risks to you personally/individually. You are not an average even if modern medicine in its assembly line practices says you are. Your doctors have no skin in the game, no liability, no responsibility to you—it’s all on you to decide and they will be evaluated on meeting metrics demanded of them, not on your outcome from vaccination.

Make your decision, and own it, as best you can. That means evaluating all of your physical and psychological concerns, including being objective about your actual health risks (age, obesity, etc). Not being anti-vax or pro-vax, but knowing that no matter what you do, there are risks. Just like driving to work, not knowing if you will make it home alive that day—stuff happens. Be at peace with your decision, which was Correct. Because you made it as best you could.

Add the unknown risk of Omicron, which might actually be a huge gift for many if not most. And so far it is looking like the largest gift of its kind ever to be bestowed upon humanity, versus Delta and Alpha variants. And if some Frankenstein variant of Omicron were to emerge that is 10X deadlier, we’ll all be wishing we had gotten Omicron last week. And don’t rule out weaponization now or in the future.

Now throw in mass experimentation on children, where the unknown risks skyrocket, and where benefits are known: nil/nothing—a grotesque violation of medical ethics applying to tens of millions. Our government has done worse things and more than once, but to far smaller groups. Children should have Omicron parties with far less risk and discomfort than the chicken pox party I attended as a kid.

Now add in a booster, and another booster, and another booster. Oh, and for children too. The unknown risks are exponentially increased. Who studies that shit... Big Pharma? The corrupt FDA/CDC? They’ve never been on your side.

Money corrupts, and mountains of it increase corruption backpressure in place, like the intense pressure of 1000-foot-deep water behind a dam: the water (money) will infiltrate every crack and crevice and pore and maybe the whole thing could cavitate. Big Pharma has a long history of selling stuff that kills people. What does a trillion dollar incentive do?

Getting the picture?

Everyone is lying to you, or at least being deceptive to some degree, if only by leaving things out. But some go the distance—Dr Fauci is a pathological lying sociopath, the FDA/CDC have a long history of lying, and politicians are legendary. Which does not make all the claims of an expert like Dr Robert Malone right. But it makes it hurt when they cannot be discussed.

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