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Calling for a Windfall Profits Tax on Big Pharma Profits from COVID Vaccines


Big Pharmas took no risks in developing COVID vaccines—their profits were guaranteed by the government with advance orders. They never stood to lose money. That’s not a free market, it’s subsidy/underwriting. By all of us taxpayers.

Therefore, I call for a 95% windfall profits excise tax on Big Pharma profits from COVID vaccines. To be used to compensate the victims of vaccine side effects, lockdowns, etc. Call it the COVID-Abused Trust (CAT).

After all, a 5% return with zero risk is still billions in profit.

Along with an end to vaccine liability. Might suddenly the research about vaccine side effects and risks vs benefits be much more circumspect?

Big Pharma will not surrender half a trillion in profit without a fight

The “follow the money” principle will almost never lead you astray in life. It doesn’t matter how good intentions are; this stuff operates at all levels of the human psyche. Always there will be some non-zero influence. And getting someone to understand something is nearly impossible if their income depends on not understanding it.

The “follow the money” principle will continue to play out as a raging behind-the-scenes battle, and in many guises of persuasion and deception, to the peril of us all. Betting against a half-trillion profit incentive defies rationality.

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