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The Epoch Times: “Dr. McCullough: Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed”

re: ethics in medicine
re: follow the money
re: The Epoch Times

Isn’t it weird to see the singular focus on vaccination with all-out suppression of natural immunity while making zero effort to try new treatment protocols? For two years now, we have seen virtually nothing on treatment protocols.

Indeed, my own brother was sent home from urgent care told he was not sick enough, only to collapse the next day. He had a rough ten days after that and eventually recovered, but the health care professionals he saw him had nothing useful to offer at first—total incompetence. Maybe people dying are really being killed by incompetent health care professionals, unable or unwilling to buck the non-treatment official guidelines? Certainly ventilators fall into that category.

The Epoch Times: “Dr. McCullough: Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed”

2022-01-03 emphasis added.

Dr. Peter McCullough told The Epoch Times that the public should question why the governments and public health officials around the world have put little to no emphasis on outpatient treatments in their efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus, instead promoting a massive effort on vaccines.

“Lots of messaging on the vaccine, but zero mentioning on treatment, none. And it’s been from the very beginning. There is a theme here, I hope everyone’s starting to get the theme. There is zero effort, interest, promotion, or care about early treatment, people who are sick with COVID-19,” said McCullough. “But there is a complete and total focus on people who don’t have COVID-19 and giving them a vaccine.”

...He said that drug treatments must be prioritized in the effort to stamp out the threat of COVID-19. “So early treatment markedly changes spreads. So, we reduce new cases, we reduce the intensity and severity and duration of symptoms. And by that mechanism, we reduce hospitalization and death.”

McCullough said it’s highly unusual for hospitals to not conduct trials on treatments for a disease, but with COVID-19 no major trials have been done to improve treatments and there have been no outcomes publicized by hospitals.

McCullough said improving treatments for those who are sick with COVID-19 has never been a priority for those in charge of public health because vaccines have been pushed from day one. He remembers how CVS pharmacies were advertising the vaccines even before they were fully authorized.

He said the U.S. media has almost completely blocked out what is going on around the world with treatments for COVID. “Anywhere where there has been an early oral drug approach there has been success in terms of COVID-19. And now more recently, it was very fascinating, is anywhere where there’s any attention to decontamination in the nose and the mouth with direct by virucidal therapy. There have been stunning results.”

He questions why the United States has not reviewed the work being done around the world to treat the disease. “We haven’t seen panels of collaborating doctors. We’ve never seen a symposium on local therapy, what works best for the nose. No mention by public health officials.” McCullough says those leading U.S. public health agencies are incompetent.


WIND:incompetence cannot be ruled out perhaps, but it seems highly unlikely. More likely is corruption and narcissism and sociopathy by Fauci and Collins. Follow the money.

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