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Dr Jay Bhattacharya: AMA Submits “stunningly ignorant amicus brief, filed by medical organizations in favor of the OSHA vax mandate, is the end of the credibility of public health”

re: ethics in medicine
re: Zero Hedge
re: Dr Jay Bhattacharya

And you wonder why Supreme Court decisions can be predicted 95% of the time.

re: Fauci Goes There: Finally Admits Kids Not Being Hospitalized From COVID

Zero Hedge: Supreme Court Justice Exhibits Shocking Lack of Basic COVID Knowledge During Hearing

2022-01-06 by Katabella Roberts. Emphasis added.

Update (1143ET): The Supreme Court, which is hearing arguments over vaccine mandates, displayed a stunning lack of knowledge of basic Covid-19 facts during today's oral arguments.

The worst offender - Justice Sotamayorwho not only claimed that there are "100,000 children in serious condition," with many on ventilators (there are 3,342 per HHS with many or most being incidental Covid positives alongside other conditions), but that Omicron is as deadly as Delta.

...So the fate of one of the most medically authoritarian schemes in US history is now in the hands of people who have no clue how this virus behaves.

The plaintiffs have argued that the Biden administration exceeded its authority by imposing requirements that were never authorized by Congress, and that it failed to follow the proper administrative rules for issuing emergency regulations. 

Of note - and possible relevance to the argument; in July, Biden explicitly stated that people who take the vaccine will not get COVID-19, a statement we know (and knew at the time) was false.


WIND: what’s most abhorrent is a Supreme Court justice uttering “facts” that she has no business assuming, let alone stating/claiming as true (and that are radically unhinged vs the reality). The job of a justice is to rule on evidence presented to the court!

Instead, Sotomayer presents her own “evidence”—a patently false opinion crudely presented as “fact”.. That perversion of the justice system should have the rest of the court censuring her, but they value collegiality over integrity, apparently. Had Sotomayer any honor she would now recuse herself, and better yet, resign in shame for raping the Court’s integrity. But this is the same clown that actively politicizes the court with her ideological comments over and over again. We expect justices to take pains to pretend they are objective even though they clearly are not. But this is the intellectual vomit that passes for jurisprudence these days. My contempt for the court system has grown ten-fold in recent years, and yet the court system is the last bastion we have against totalitarianism. We rely on these losers to avoid total destruction of our constitutional rights, like relying on witch doctors for heart surgery.

And so hope fades with ignoramus ideologues on the court like Sotomayer. You really cannot believe this shit, so it has to be that Sotomayer is either (a) stupid as a rock, or (b) an ideologue with a degree from MSNBC, though that seems to imply (a). So it’s a conundrum—what can you possibly make of a mind so ignorant, so biased... on the Supreme Court? One who makes life or death decisions on so many cases.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya comments on the amicus brief by the American Medical Association (a radically politicized group that embodies everything wrong with medicine):

This stunningly ignorant amicus brief, filed by medical organizations in favor of the OSHA vax mandate, is the end of the credibility of public health. Is it really possible that scientists in those organizations are so unaware of the underlying science about which they write?


To avoid suspension, I cannot tweet about vaccine safety, something I have done research on for two decades. For such information, you may instead follow me on @GETTRofficial , @getongab or Speaqs.

Scientists are as corrupt as any profession and probably much more, since government funding feeds most of them, and there is a groupthink mentality that precludes real intellectual discussion, lest one be locked out of grant money. And outsiders are deemed non-credible, not being scientists. At least with many professions there are accountants and lawyers and lawsuits to provide some checks and balances—not so with science; it’s an area ripe for fraud and con artists.

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