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The Epoch Times: Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ineffective

re: particulate respirator

I was an early advocate for N100/P100 particulate respirators when COVID first appeared. Because we had no idea what we were dealing with.

But here in early 2022, there isn’t a single credible study that shows that masks as actually worn by the public do anything thing to impede community transmission. It’s COVID theatre. Indeed, masks as as actually worn by the public should be proven to not increase transmission as the default working assumption—that would be real science—trying to disprove a hypothesis, not prove the desired outcome!

The Epoch Times: Health Experts Admit Outdoor Mask Wearing Is Ineffective

2022-01-07 by Joseph Mercola. Emphasis added.


The Only Type of Mask That Is Safe and Effective

To provide any benefit whatsoever, users must be fitted with the right type and size of respirator, and must undergo fit testing by a trained professional. However, N95 respirators, even when fitted properly, will not protect against viral exposures but can adequately protect against larger particles.

Surgical masks, which do not seal to your face, do not filter out anything. They are designed to prevent bacteria from the mouth, nose and face from entering the patient during surgical procedures, and researchers have warned that contaminated surgical masks actually pose an infection risk. After just two hours, a significant increase in bacterial load on the mask was observed.

Nonmedical cloth masks are not only ineffective, but also particularly dangerous as they’re not engineered for effective purging of exhaled carbon dioxide, making them wholly unsuitable for use.

The only type of mask that is actually safe and effective to wear is the gas mask kind of respirator you’d use to protect yourself against painting fumes, organic vapors, smoke and dust. These respirators are built to filter the air you breathe in, and to get rid of the carbon dioxide and humidity from the air you breathe out, thereby ensuring there’s no dangerous buildup of carbon dioxide or reduction in oxygen inside the mask.

WIND: the only mask that works IMO is an N100/P100 particulate respirator. All the science so far rejects all other inferior masks (including N95) as showing a demonstrable benefit. But N100/P100 masks cannot be worn for extended periods without, even the valved kind. And the non-valved kind can cause respiratory issues for some impaired persons. I use them for heavy pollen days, forest fire smoke, etc, but they’re too hot and unpleasant otherwise, and even the valved ones impede heavy breathing to some extent (cycling).

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