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Is the Actual COVID Omicron Infection Rate Perhaps 5X to 10X Higher? Boston Wastewater COVID Levels

re: pandemic of the vaccinated

Shit happens. With COVID RNA too.

No idea if this data is reliable, but see the stunning graph, below. Even as Mass. reports record COVID-19 cases, wastewater data suggests uncounted infections are ‘more substantial than ever’


...spiking COVID-19 samples from the Boston area’s wastewater this week suggest that the true number of cases is far higher than the official count, which comes from positive tests that report to the Department of Public Health.

Biobot Analytics, the Cambridge-based company that collects the wastewater data, said Thursday that “undercounting is now more substantial than ever.”

In fact, since early December, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has had to quintuple the y-axis on their chart to capture the exponential spike, which now dwarfs the previous surges in the spring of 2020 and last winter.

...While it’s a somewhat murky science, experts say that coronavirus samples taken from local wastewater facilities can provide a good window into spread that isn’t being picked up by traditional testing.


WIND: Never mind the unjustified predictions (“hospitals will face a bad crunch in the coming weeks”)... fear-mongering with no scientific basis. It might work out that way. And it might not. All such sources should be required to post a large cash bond that is forfeit if their fearmongering is proven false?

I’m interested in this method of COVID infection surveillance because people have to crap at pretty much the same rate, day in and day out. I mean... only so many BigMacs and fries can go into the pie-hole before things have to move along. I don’t know if scatology has been validated as good or a #2. It makes a shit-ton of sense though, and would be a fertile area for research.

Maybe people could bottle their farts and send them in for research instead of selling them?

Can’t rule out bad things, but this could be great news: massive numbers of infections with relatively minor impact on hospitalizations/deaths yielding solid natural immunity (resistance to infection) and the holy grail of herd immunity (herd resistance to infection). That is, the vaccination gift we’ve been waiting for, with the vaccinated pitching in to help end this semi-farce, via the pandemic of the vaccinated that started last August or so.

Viral RNA in Boston wastewater, 2021-01-06
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