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Hypertension and Vaccines?

re: hypertension

Anon writes:

I had a flu vaccine two weeks ago and ended up in A&E with a blood pressure of 199/111….

Took 3 days… I thought i was going to have a stroke or heart attack.. the last time I had a flu vaccine was 5 years ago and I still got the flu that season.

WIND: I gave up on the flu vaccine. Maybe that's a bad idea, but I haven't had the flu for ten years or so. Maybe 15.

Doctors totally monitor blood pressure after vaccination. Hint: that’s sort of a Babylon Bee comment.

It got me wondering though, and the research appears to be rudimentary:

Web search: Hypertension vaccine

Methinks the topic is largely verbotten for medical research. You can totally trust the experts who never thought about it before because they are the experts.

AND... doctors have lots of time to track post-vaccination problems since they get paid for making sure All This Great Stuff works great, as any doctor can tell you based on your age. Ummm....

Doctors need to behave more like Tigger: if a cupboard door is open, there might be a rat in there, best to doggedly check it out.

Whenever you see “rare” for a side effect, translate that to “we don’t know because we don’t fucking bother to look, let alone track or report those damned annoying anecdotal things”—as in my experience with Metronidazole which to this day deals me lingering problems. Trust your doctor—to lie to you—as mine did. It’s why for example it took the FDA took 17 years or so to figure out the ciprofloxacin could cause all sorts of problems—like ruptured tendons—those pesky anecdotes.

All that said, you betcha they’re looking hard into such things? Could it be that the claims of heart attacks in young people have some merit based on bursting levels of blood pressure?

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