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Stanford medical specialists tackle long-COVID and its public implications (aka anti-scientific ad-hominem attacks rewarded by grant money)

re: Long-Haul COVID
re: ethics in medicine

What sounds good might have other intent. Already, the public statements are pushing unfounded claims about vaccination re Long-Haul COVID. I think the messaging inten is pretty clear here. But read on and see just how awful it is (who is doing it).

Stanford medical specialists tackle long-COVID and its public implications


For some people, COVID-19 symptoms can persist well beyond their initial recovery from the illness. Months after contracting the virus, a COVID-19 survivor can still experience symptoms of discomfort and exhaustion that hinder their return to a pre-COVID routine, Stanford researchers said.
[WIND: 20 months for me, and not sure I’m done with it]

While post-viral symptoms are nothing new, the issue has come into the limelight because of the widespread nature of COVID-19.

“It’s not surprising that COVID has caused this post-viral syndrome. Post-viral symptoms have been known and described for many other infections as well,” said Hector Bonilla, clinical associate professor of infectious diseases, adding that Herpes and Epstein-Barr are examples of viruses that have long-lasting symptoms.

...For long-COVID, the severity of the initial illness does not necessarily predict or correlate with the likelihood of developing post-COVID conditions, according to Geng... However, the population most at risk for long-COVID can include younger patients,” she said. 

...Symptoms of long-COVID are complex. Although most commonly reported symptoms by patients include fatigue and shortness of breath, Geng noted that many have multi-system symptoms that simultaneously appear in respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and cognitive regions... Geng emphasized that patients need to monitor themselves after they have had a COVID-19 infection, and she urges them not to be afraid to raise these symptoms with their physician.
[What good does discussing it do? Doctors are clueless about it; I tried multiple times.]

...In addition to the PACS Clinic, Stanford Medicine announced on Nov. 22 that its researchers are embarking on a four-year long-COVID study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

...As a part of the NIH’s Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery Initiative, the Stanford team — which includes Stanford Medicine professors Upinder Singh, P.J. Utz, Catherine Blish and Yvonne Maldonado — is expected to receive nearly $15 million in funding for the study of prevention and treatment of long-COVID. Stanford Medicine will also enroll 900 COVID-19 survivors and long-COVID patients in the study to monitor over four years. 


WIND: Long-Haul COVID has been mocked as psychosomatic by the ignorant and cruel. I’d guess that most “cases” are probably not LHC, but just the relatively normal post-viral recovery period. Post-viral problems can linger for months, as I can personally attest from severe viral pneumonias when much younger, at the age of 20 and in my mid 30’s.

Anti-science doctors sucking on the grant money tit

My respect for Stanford Medicine has declined to near zero since the anti-scientific ad hominem attack on Dr Scott Atlas back in 2020. Perhaps it is not impossible for something good to be accomplished by bad people, in spite of themselves. But the intellectually corrupt are highly skilled at ignoring, hiding, diminishing all things not meeting their pre-conceived notions. You can already see the bias at play in the full article above, which has claims not based on any science re vaccination vs LHC.

All three of the leads on the Stanford Long-COVID study (Singh, Maldonado, Blish) are among the gang of science denying thugs who attacked Dr Atlas. These are the anti-scientific jackasses who could not be bothered to debate anything whatsoever on the science around COVID policies, and who chose instead to viciously attack Dr Atlats. You should not trust anything these people claim. But they now have a big pile of grant money to make themselves look important, to spread their twaddle about.

Take Long-Haul COVID seriously

It is Herpes (HHV-6 which most everyone gets as a child) and Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) that savaged me for 18 months, starting 6 weeks after recovering from COVID* and turning me overnight from a fit mountain biker at 14252' into a “barely can walk” semi-invalid, oscillating an and out of brain fog, massive fatigue, etc. It’s been a crummy 20 months, but with some periods of decent function, for two months now feeling semi-normal again.

But I am still wondering about recovery, being 20+ pounds overweight and finding that regaining even my baseline fitness is the most challenging struggle of my life. With two failed attempts (relapses) so far, and wondering if yesterday/today’s lows are a sign of another. All I can do is keep trying.

* I resumed gentle training then hard training, but things were not really quite right; I still had lingering gastrointenstinal issues. The best advice I can give to any athlete post-COVID is to take AT LEAST 3 months before doing any hard training again.

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