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COVID: Quoting Experts and the CDC is Now Enough to Be Banned on YouTube

re: Glenn Greenwald

re: Might the COVID Omicron Variant be a Gift to the World in Disguise?

This accelerating trend bodes ill for us all going forward. Will it burn itself out or burn so hot that it sterilizes the soil for decades to come?

Glenn Greenwald: The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship

2022-01-30. Emphasis added.


And when it comes to authoritarian tactics, censorship has become the liberals’ North Star. Every week brings news of a newly banished heretic. Liberals cheered the news last week that Google's YouTube permanently banned the extremely popular video channel of conservative commentator Dan Bongino.

His permanent ban was imposed for the crime of announcing that, moving forward, he would post all of his videos exclusively on the free speech video platform Rumble after he received a seven-day suspension from Google's overlords for spreading supposed COVID “disinformation.” What was Bongino's prohibited view that prompted that suspension? He claimed cloth masks do not work to stop the spread of COVID, a view shared by numerous expertsand, at least in part, by the CDC. When Bongino disobeyed the seven-day suspension by using an alternative YouTube channel to announce his move to Rumble, liberals cheered Google's permanent ban because the only thing liberals hate more than platforms that allow diverse views are people failing to obey rules imposed by corporate authorities.

It is not hyperbole to observe that there is now a concerted war on any platforms devoted to free discourse and which refuse to capitulate to the demands of Democratic politicians and liberal activists to censor... The same attack was launched, and is still underway, against Substack, also for the crime of refusing to ban writers deemed by liberal corporate outlets and activists to be hateful and/or fonts of disinformation... It is, evidently, extremely dangerous to society for voices to still be heard once Google decrees they should not be. 

...The power to silence others is intoxicating. Once one gets a taste of its power, they rarely stop on their own.


WIND: for the past some years, you cannot have the “wrong” politics and speak freely. But on the plus side, the legions of metaphysical killers looking to become real ones will increasingly eat their own, as well. At least we can hope for self-immolation.

If disinformation were really the standard, the the CDC and the FDA would have been banned 18 months ago, and Justice Sotomayer just recently! Ditto for CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc.

The structural basis for totalitarianism requires banning dissent. This is what China, North Korea, etc do. And that’s what YouTube, Twitter, Facebook represent today, worldwide but especially and ironically in the USA. They will spare no effort to turn the next election. The mere threat of being banned chills the speech of hundreds of millions—a deep-seated unwillingness to speak openly . It’s not even a challenge, because nearly all young people have been groomed to accept this as natural by government schools and through university/college. Along with Chinese Communist enablers like Apple, is America doomed?

Substack: Society has a trust problem. More censorship will only make it worse

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