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Bacon and Eggs or Seed Oils and PUFAs? Linoleic Acid in Fats a Health Risk? The Future of Fat Virtual Summit

re: nutrition
re: dietary fat

Don’t trust what you read here in this blog about nutrition and dietary fat! After all, someone trained in the rigorous thinking of mathematics, statistics, optimization, computer science must be using fuzzy logic.

DO consult your doctor, who will happily quote you the diet that has worked so well for so many. Nothing to see here in the epidemic proportions of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. S/he can create a nice quick database entry for your “numbers” and tell you the perfect chemicals to take for the rest of your life to manhandle those numbers (BTW why do you even need a doctor, a simple computer program can do that).

For 60 years, a massive public health experiment based on no data or bad data was foisted on us. Those worse-than-failed recommendations have stuck until today, recommendations that were made using no credible scientific evidence. First, saturated fats were bad; substitute trans fat for saturated fat (that worked well!). Then saturated fats were badder [sic] and trans fats were bad. So eat PUFAs (poly unsaturated fatty acids), and almost no saturated fat for men/women/children. Eat more carbs. The result after 60-70 years? The aforementioned explosion in severe health problems.

There is little to no objective scientific thinking extant in the medical profession when it comes to nutrition and health*. Minds are closed.

Only a fool or an intellectual crook doubles-down, triples-down, quadruples-down on failure. But that’s what the medical and nutritional establishments have done for nearly 70 years. It’s GREAT for business (medical care, nutritional advice). And terrible for your health.

It’s a marriage made in heaven for the medical industrial and food/nutrition complex: recommend health-undermining diets, then profit from the need to take care of all the sick people. You reap fields of profit form what was sown—destruction and death! I’m not saying that was the intent early on (surely not), but at this point it’s hard to believe it is not now a major factor in the orthodoxy today that is hyper resistant to scientific findings. Yep, it’s as anti-science as you can get now. Follow the money. Big money.

* Surely AI could bypass the rampant bias in the medical and nutrition industry. But maybe it would just be trained with the extant biases.

What’s the truth on fats?

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No one knows for sure yet.

Official orthodoxy still has harsh words for saturated fats, based on little or no credible science. That viewpoint and its dismal 70-year failure are self evident in a massively unhealthy population here in the USA.

All emerging evidence points to saturated fats that our ancestors ate as being the most healthy (animal fats, coconut oil, maybe olive olive), along with very modest amounts of nuts/seeds. But with today’s seed/vegetable oils and fried and prepared foods, a massive increase in oxidized and easily oxidized PUFAs has been incorporated into the modern diet.

What about an AI or AI-like reasoning machine to search out the truth without the political and ego dead-weight ballast that characterizes the medical and nutrition professions? But even data is larely GIGO these days, so it’s not clear how an AI could possibly succeed being fed GIGO data.

Groundbreaking Conference Reveals Health Risks of Seed Oils


Medical doctors, researchers, and other experts spoke on March 3 at the “Future of Fat” virtual summit, the first-ever meeting dedicated exclusively to the harmful effects of oils made from vegetables or seeds, including canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, and sunflower oil.

Such oils have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, cancer, macular degeneration, and other chronic diseases.

... Seed oils are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), including an omega-6 PUFA known as linoleic acid. When cooked at a high heat—almost always part of the industrial process for producing commercial seed oils—linoleic acid oxidizes very rapidly.

...Dr. Cate Shanahan, a family physician, and metabolic health expert, told The Epoch Times that high dietary intake of PUFAs can cause fat cells to malfunction.

According to Shanahan, who serves as an advisor for Zero Acre Farms and spoke at Future of Fat,  the oxidative stress induced by PUFAs overwhelms the antioxidant system, driving the dysfunctional inflammation and elevated toxin levels that trigger many chronic diseases.

“This is not just theoretical,” she said. “No one who understands the science of it would argue with me.”


WIND: a healthy skepticism should be applied to all scientific claims. And I don’t like arguments like “no one would argue it...” any more here (quoted above) than if it were sociopath Dr Anthony Fauci. Even if it is true (how could I be sure when the experts cannot agree?).

The working hypothesis is that the oxidation of PUFAs increases inflammation everywhere, leading to all sorts of health effects, not the least of which is heart disease like atherosclerosis.

My position on fats, which I do not claim as rigorously proven as yet:

  • Saturated fats are good for you, at least quality ones (grass-fed meaning NOT corn/spy-fed) meats, cheese milk, butter, etc are GOOD for your health. Stable and resistant to oxidation, there is no credible association with heart disease, and never was. And they are associated inversely with obesity (help you "lose weight").
  • Coconut oil is good for you. And it taste really good and is highly stable (resistant to oxidation).
  • Poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) or seed oils/"vegetable oils" (canola/rapsee/sunflower/corn/soy/etc oils) are easily oxidized and oxidize severely under heat. They are not good for you, particularly given their concentrated unnatural form, not beint whole food. They are associated with toxic substances which may affect cardiovascular health eg fibrosis. Strictly avoid seed oils of all kinds.
  • PUFAs in food (nuts, hemp hearts, seeds) are likely unwise except in moderation and only if very fresh and unheated and processed without heat. Even then, it’s unclear they are a good idea except in low amounts. I dislike this idea because I have a long history of eating nuts and was hoping that nutritionally-dense hemp hearts could become a food mainstay. I now have doubts.
  • Olive oil (mono unsaturated oil) likely a neutral.
  • Trans fats (all hydrogenated oils) are worst of all for you. Strictly avoid them.

See my recommended reading list on health/medicine realities.

Prelude to the videos

My bullshit meter lights up when I see the issues of deforestation and climate change introduced into a conversation on nutrition/health—it makes me think the other arguments are weak and need shoring-up. It lowers credibility, mixing science with feel-good causes.

My bullshit meter also goes on alert when participants have something to sell eg books/videos/nutritional solutions. OTOH, it is very difficult to impossible to obtain government research grants when challenging the orthodoxy ruled by St Fauci—powerful forces with their own interests (not science!) control those dollars.

The boogeyman with fats today is linoleic acid, found in PUFAs, the idea being that the oxidation of linoleic acid leads to damaging byproducts. No such damaging byproducts form from conventional saturated fats. Is this epidemic of modern diseases related at least in part to linoleic acid? That seems to be the working hypothesis.

I do not yet have commentary on these videos, but I present them here for your own evaluation.

Future of Fat Virtual Summit

Our mission: To raise awareness about the cutting edge research on the harms of toxic vegetable oils and healthier, more sustainable alternatives.

On March 3rd, 2022, we were joined by thousands all over the world virtually for the first Future of Fat Summit. Twelve industry experts shared with viewers exactly why vegetable oils are a leading cause of chronic illness, deforestation, and climate change, how they impact us, and what can be done about it.

  • 20% of our daily calories now come from vegetable oils, mostly hidden in our foods, which have been linked to widespread health and environmental issues
  • Regular consumption of these oils increases risk of death by 62%, more than heavy drinking or moderate smoking.
  • Two of the top three drivers of global deforestation and four of the top five greenhouse gas emitting crops are vegetable oils.

Below is one presentation; see the presenters below.

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