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Researchers identify key regulatory mechanism in inflammation

re: PUFAs

Inflammation is the likely cause of heart disease and numerous other diseases. It’s also a primary driver of COVID deaths.

Linoleic acid is the primary component of PUFAs. You get it in factory-farmed meat, seed oils aka "vegetable" oils, hemp hearts, nuts, etc. It’s unclear whether you can degrade your health with natural foods like nuts, but hemp hearts are super high in PUFAs, a bummer since I had thought to make them a mainstay—no longer.

There are now is at least one startup claiming to produce superior oils, via fermentation.

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Researchers identify key regulatory mechanism in inflammation

2022-03-21, by Kathy Keatley Garvey, UC Davis. Emphasis added.


The eight-member team, using a rodent model, found that the metabolites of linoleic acid formed by the enzyme, soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH), drive deleterious inflammation after injury. These metabolites, known as lipid mediators, regulate inflammation, blood pressure and . Drugs that inhibit the sEH enzyme and resolve inflammation could lead to a better patient outcome.

"Our previous work identified that these same lipid mediators were up-regulated in severe COVID infections, and we are now finding that these compounds play a role in modulating the immune response so that the body is unable to fight infection or respond properly to trauma without leading to a potentially fatal overreaction," said McReynolds, who holds a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology from UC Davis. 

..."The natural compounds we are studying in this paper are metabolites of linoleic acid (LA), an essential fatty acid the body needs in very small amounts to survive and is only available through the diet," McReynolds explained. "At lower concentrations, these metabolites are necessary for regulating thermogenesis and heart health but promote inflammation at higher concentrations.

LA is more stable and much cheaper than longer chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, so heavily processed foods have higher LA content to increase shelf-life. Additionally, agricultural practices, such as feeding animals corn-based diets, have increased LA in meats and dairy products." 

"As a result, we are consuming the highest amount of linoleic acid and have the highest recorded concentration of LA in our fatty tissue in human history," McReynolds said. "As our bodies respond to stress or disease, we metabolize LA into the regulatory metabolites that were monitored in this paper. At higher concentrations, the immune system was unable to properly respond to infection, thereby promoting a sustained immune response. These observations are important in inflammatory-driven diseases, such as sepsis and COVID, but could also be important in understanding many of the increased chronic diseases we are seeing in our population."


DIGLLOYD: let food by thy toxin, and toxin by thy food?

Americans consume vast amounts of PUFAs and linoleic acid via fried foods. That fat in things like french fries should be considered toxic waste (heavily oxidized by heat!), but people scarf it down by the millions of tons.

Take it easy on fried foods in general, and don’t eat foods fried in anything but saturated fats (lard, butter, ghee, coconout oil). This is harder than it sounds since all fast food restaurants use seed oils for frying just about everything.

Read ingredient lists of prepared foods of all kinds, and you are probably consuming half your fat as linoleic acid—very unnatural vs how our bodies evolved. Worse, healthy sounding fresh foods like hemp hearts are loaded with linoleic acid.

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