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Reversing Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? Energy Level Soars, Mental Attention Returns to Normal, Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Plunges

re: health, nutrition

Thank you god, The Simulation, myself, whatever.

For all those out there struggling with Long-Haul COVID or other mysterious ailment: hang in there.It was June of 2020 that things went to put for me, and here it is early May, 22 months later. So 22 months of a shitty disabled life, physically and mentally. Giving up and making a cognitive committment to being 'cooked' forever is no good—HANG IN THERE and be kind to yourself, because what’s the alternative? Eat whole unprocessed foods only and give your body the chance it needs to heal.

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) plummets from 877 to 63 in just 4 months

I am overjoyed to have my energy level soar in the past 10 days, and I’ve been able to ride my bike my full ride for 6 of 7 days (1000 Kj ride of 25.6 miles), albeit at low wattage compared to my 2019 condition. The other day was a rest day and heavy yard work. Most of my life I was a powerhouse of energy, so while this is just an appetizer, it feels awfully good. My mental focus has also sharpened-up considerably so that I feel pretty much normal.

  • Physical strength up, able to do full workout at least 5 of 7 days and heavy yard work on the rest days.
  • Mental focus back to normal including some late work nights even to 11-12 PM. Bad plan but I felt the urge to get things done.
  • Motivation back—was insanely difficult to be motivated these past months
  • Sleep needs dropped back to normal, from ~11-12 hours a day to ~9 hours, down two hours in spite of resuming training/cycling.

Were these all from thyroid auto-immune, or was something else at work? I sensed a change starting around 2 weeks ago, but did not resume cycling until 3-4 days of that had passed.

Will it last? I’ve had remissions before in the past two years, so we’ll see. It is why I took a rest day (well, I did some yard work even so!), and will continue to do so rather than overload. No hard training for a few months, not until I can steadily lose some body fat and get back to solid fitness.

Energy up because auto-immune is down?

For 20 months or so, I felt like a humidifier and dehumidifier draining the same battery and duking it out. Doesn’t leave much juice! This was after my apparent 2020 COVID infection and its sequelae of Epstein Barr Virus not long after which overnight slammed like a hammer (barely able to walk). Call it Long-Haul COVID if you like, who knows—doctors certainly do not.

However, this is the first time in 18 months that TPO levels have plunged (TPO refers to the antibodies that attack the thyroid, an auto-immune problem). From 877 to 63. That’s not as low as 32 back in 2017, but 63 is right at the cutoff of 60 for “normal”.

My working theory recently has been that pathetic energy level and cognitive murk have been from auto-immune and thyroid issues. If that’s true then my body declaring the end to the war on my thyroid might signal hope for gradually resuming my normal activities (eg double centuries)—maybe next year. As well as being able to work a normal day, instead of 1-3 hours only.

What did I do?

Purely speculation, but based on fact. As far as I know, all I did was to greatly increase my consumption of healthy saturated fats, e.g., grass-fed 6% milkfat milk, heavy cream, grass-fed beef, yogurt, etc. And saturated fats are crucial for repairing damaged tissues including brain and nerves (which relates to why statins are such a scourge).

More likely perhaps, maybe it was just time—I felt that my body was seriously damaged in some way back in 2020. Maybe it just took 20 months.

* Yes, IMO and by evidence amply demonstrating it, saturated fats can be very healthy, at least the ones I mention because the right ones contain Good Stuff You Need. Versus degeneration-inducing PUFAs and the garbage we are told to eat or worse yet, the low-fat diet. Make your own bet on your own life as you see fit—follow the science which doesn’t actually exist and crumbles under scrutiny by anyone with critical thinking skills.

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) plummets from 877 to 63 in just 4 months

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