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Double-Vaxxed and Boosted Daughter Gets COVID, but "The Pandemic" Ignores Me a 3rd Time

My daughter (one of them) had to get vaxxed (2021) and boosted (Jan 2022) for school. The callous anti-scientific propagandists who created the requirements left her no choice.

So 12 hours before her college graduation ceremony, she starts feeling bad and sure enough a positive COVID test and she’s feeling pretty crappy all night. No graduation ceremony, for which I am actually thankful (sitting 3 hours in a crowd in hot sun at 95°F would have stressed the whole family). I had shot photos of her that very evening on campus, so “check” on that thing.

Aside from feeling crappy for 3-4 days she is fine, a slight lung irritation but her lungs are sensitive from being born 3 months too early. The infection also killed her trip abroad, and it doubled the airfare cost, hard-earned money gone. But she is on her way a week later.

Good thing the “vaccination” and booster snake oil Big Pharma profit engine “protected” her all that time from something a lot nicer than most of the flu cases I’ve had.

But at least now she has natural immunity, you know, the protection that actually works, vs the profit-making people-damaging crap they call a “vaccination”. Yeah, I know that it probably helped some weak/older people, let them have it/get it. But it is irrelevant to my daughters and me as we were never at risk. All risk, no upside.

This latest “vaccination” fiasco is so pathetic—my wife was double-vaxxed and got COVID 4 months later, another daughter was vaxxed and got COVID, and my other daughter (most at risk due to a medical condition!) was NEVER vaxxed and finally got COVID a month ago and got over it in a week no big deal other than getting a little behind in homework.

Is COVID just like a common cold for many of us or at least a fractional flu?

All evidence points to that in my family. The propagandists can Toobinate over COVID all they want on the news, and it won’t change the reality, which is that it is a disease of the elderly and weak and those who eat garbage for food and never exercise, a cohort hard-hit by all infectious and non-infectious diseases. Meanwhile, Pfizer is $50 billion dollars richer, at taxpayer expense, and we have $10T in new government debt, which our children can pay off for us. Which means we got a lot for our taxes, as usual.

Meanwhile, these household infections have passed me by three (3) times now. Makes me wonder if my April 2020 infection granted me a natural immunity so strong that COVID cannot touch me? I’m not counting on that, but I’m betting it’s the case.

The COVID theater continues, with the psychiatric damage to much of the population on display every day out there, not the least of which is the still rampant child abuse of masking and childhood COVID vaccinations. The fear porn hit the San Fransicko @AMAZON Bay Area hard, and its effects are still very much seen.

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