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Big Pharma Paid $24 Million to 1% of US Oncologists, Many in High-Profile Positions: Study

re: ethics in medicine

Follow the money.

This is routine, the tip of the iceberg, and not just among oncologists.

Big Pharma Paid $24 Million to 1% of US Oncologists, Many in High-Profile Positions: Study

2022-07-06, by Marina Zhang

One percent of U.S. cancer doctors, many with leadership roles in hospitals, academia, national health institutes, and guideline-making, received over $24 million in payments from cancer pharmaceutical companies in 2018, according to a new study by Queen’s University in Canada.

The study found that 139 oncologists—representing 1 percent of all American cancer doctors—were given over $100,000 in general payments, with a median payment of around $154,000, and a total of $24.2 million.

“A payment of this magnitude creates a high risk” of conflict of interest, the authors wrote in the study, with $10,000 considered to be a significant payment by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The payments to these doctors made up 37 percent of all payments to oncologists in that year, including consulting fees, speaking fees, honoraria, and travel expenses from cancer medication companies.

“These physicians hold important leadership positions, draft treatment guidelines, and serve on journal editorial boards.”

“The findings identify a risk for perceived and real conflict of interest. Because of the leadership positions they hold, the potential impact of this small group of physicians on oncology practice and policy may be substantial,” the study’s lead author Dr. Anthony Booth told MedPage Today.

... previous studies have shown that even “modest payments can influence physician behavior.”

WIND: follow the money is a rule that will rarely if ever fail you in life.

the medical industry is corrupt to its core, an you are the grist for the money mill. There is a simple term for doctors who take such payments: crooks. Sure, they’ll give you all sorts of rationalizations, but at heart they are whoring themselves out for money. A hooker is far more honorable.

Assuming that your doctor has your best interests at heart is for children and idiots. It might be true, and it might not. Because even if your doctor wants avoids such financial conflicts, they take their de facto marching orders from guidelines largely dictated by the corrupt elite who take bribes from Big Pharma. And if they are employees of institututions (99% are!), then they have to do what they’re told: follow the guidelines, treat as dictated, and shut the hell up.

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