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Laval University Professor Suspended for Questioning COVID Vaccines for Children

re: ethics in medicine
re: COVID-19 Vaccination Reactivates Highly Contagious Virus: Studies

Meanwhile, over in totalitarian China Canada, where a friend is de facto trapped and unable to travel, due to refusing the COVID jab.

Science’s moldering corpse isn’t looking good.

Jonathan Turley: Laval University Professor Suspended for Questioning COVID Vaccines for Children


A professor at Laval University (Université Laval) in  Quebec City has  been suspended without pay for two months for questioning the benefits of COVID vaccines for children. Microbiology and immunology Professor Patrick Provost sent out an email soliciting a discussion on the issue and raising his concerns. He has now been disciplined for merely raising such issues by a university that has discarded any semblance of academic integrity and free speech. 

According to The Suburban, the controversy began as a conference of Réinfo COVID, “a collective of nurses, physicians, scientists, and citizens seeking to generate debate about how the pandemic has been handled by the government.”Provost asked his colleagues “to share their views with the public” on these issues. Provost also wrote in a June Quebecor Media piece that the COVID-19 “was very real” but asked “was it as significant as reported?” He argued that there was evidence of only five individuals under age 40 dying of the disease and challenged the need for the Canadian government’s vaccine mandates and passports.


Last week, my study on the decline of free speech at universities was published by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. The article entitled “Harm and Hegemony: The Decline of Free Speech in the United States,” explores the anti-free speech movement in the United States and the increasingly common claim that free speech itself is harmful. This is another example of that trend in Canada. It is part of an existential struggle for all faculty and students over the purpose and future of higher education in both countries.

WIND: recant, or else! Since losing career and income will discourage almost everyone, the government can avoid the awkward optics of imprisonment for those who dare to ask questions. All if it dovetails with Canada’s other policies and inexorable move to totalitarianism. Soft power is insidiously effective vs hard power, slow-boiling the frog.

Those pushing vaccines for children are child abusers. They have no scientific leg to stand on, instead posturing with rationalizations and falsehoods and fake data.

And the vast majority of the medical profession is too intimidated to speak out against it, with sickening sycophants here right at Stanford stepping up to sing the praises of the COVID jab for children. It is sad to see: a once honorable and venerable medical profession is increasingly revealed as anti-scientific, hyper-political, and big business at its most exploitative.

Still, on the bright side: Few Young Children Are Getting COVID-19 Vaccines: Data

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