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The "Experts" Still Aren't Giving Up on Vaccine Mandates

re: natural immunity
re: follow the money

This... in the context of testing boosters on a handful of mice and threatening doctors with loss of license for disagreeing about such things.

The "Experts" Still Aren't Giving Up on Vaccine Mandates


CDC) earlier this month greatly scaled back its recommendations for quarantine and social distancing. It also now makes the same recommendations “regardless of vaccination status.” In other words, the CDC now apparently does not regard vaccinated people as any less a public health risk than the unvaccinated. What does this tell us about where we are right now with the value of vaccination mandates as public policy at this point?

Dr. Gilbert Berdine: The vaccine mandates were based on assumptions. It was assumed that the vaccine prevented infection and transmission of virus. The mandates were justified as protection of vaccinated people from the unvaccinated. The new CDC policy recognizes that this assumption was incorrect. The CDC concedes that natural immunity from prior exposure to the virus is at least as effective as vaccination in preventing subsequent infection. The CDC concedes that vaccinated people are at least as likely to spread disease as unvaccinated people. The new policy also recognizes that at this point in time the vast majority of people have been exposed to viral antigen either by natural exposure or vaccination. Given our current knowledge about covid-19, the CDC can no longer justify a vaccine mandate at present based on protecting the public from unvaccinated people.


DIGLLOYD: a sign of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. This applies two ways including the obvious one (dubious efficacy, short-live protection, very poor risk/reward). The less obvious one being the real goal: massive profits for Big Pharma with no liability, along with training the populace to be more and more obedient to authorities who do not have their interests in mind.

For the vast majority of people, there is no credible scientific evidence that COVID jabs show net benefit, and that’s with all negative information suppressed/ignored. Were it studied properly, the risk assessment would disfavor the jabs fare more. It is probable, statistically speaking, that COVID jabs for reasonably healthy people are a prophylactic worse than the disease. But the anti-scientific propagandized public discourse makes it unlikely we will ever know the truth.

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