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CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit

re: myocarditis
re: psyop and gaslighting and mass hysteria

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

Any critical thinker saw the lies miles away.

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CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit


In context, the CDC’s latest numbers about post-vax myocarditis represent a significant departure from last year’s narrative pushed by health bureaucrats and the media.

When reports first surfaced in 2021 that some cases of myocarditis — the inflammation of the heart muscle, potentially leading to blood clots and heart attack or stroke — were potentially associated with the Covid-19 vaccine, the corporate media and its fact-checkers were quick to label them as misinformation, saying the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh its small risks.

A year later, though, the media can no longer deny that what they called misinformation actually has data to back it up. As Matt Shapiro detailed in his Substack post on the matter, “Last year’s misinformation on vaccine-associated myocarditis in young men is this year’s well-established fact.”

..Following the Hoeg study’s publication, the British Medical Journal claimed critics called the study “deeply flawed” and said it delivered “an antivaccine message.” PolitiFact reported that posts about myocarditis risk on Facebook “were flagged as part” of the platform’s “efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.” Big Tech used these so-called fact-checks to censor good-faith Americans, dissenting medical experts, and even lawmakers who questioned the CDC’s vaccinations-for-all narrative.

... August last year, the CDC reported 42.6 per million cases and 71.5 per million cases for 12-15 and 16-17-year-old males, respectively, but now the health agency admits those incidence rates are actually 150.5 per million for the younger group and 137.1 per million for the older. Among 16- and 17-year-old males, the incidence rate jumps to a whopping 188 per million following the first booster, with 9 of the 47,874 developing heart inflammation in the week after that shot.


WIND: the idea that myocarditis is the only serious side effect is ludicrous. Were it objectively studied , a vastly higher case rate for all sorts of problems ranging from myocarditis to neurological to immune problems and far a near certainty.

As I understand it, Myocarditis can cause permanent damage to the heart at least in some cases. Even if its effects do not clinically manifest until midde-age or old age, that’s a major side effect that might completely nullify the alleged “benefits” of The Jab and Boosters.

That lies were being promulgated by the CDC was obvious, ditto for full-scale psyops assaults waged on those raising concerns, collusion of government with media, etc... but now we know beyond any doubt the evil that was foisted on the public, all in the name of The Public Good, which rarely if ever means more than Slaves and Masters, with those in charge intending to be the Masters.

As for orifices like the formerly-credible BMJ, the medical establishment has thoroughly discredited itself. Which was obvious even before COVID, but why get into that here. No one in their right mind should ever again trust the BMJ, JAMA, AMA, pick your acronym—they were all in on the scam. Follow the money.

Trusting the CDC or FDA or any government agency is for children and idiots.

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