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A Key to Long Covid Is Virus Lingering in the Body, Scientists Say (but could it be DNA damage from the mRNA Jabs?)

re: long COVID

In my estimation, long COVID is lingering systemic damage along with and/or reactivation of other virii and pathogens such as EBV and HHV-6. But focusing on latent virus is a nice big pot of money for study purposes.

Surely all sorts of after-effects abound, some physical (systemic damage), some auto-immune activation, some pathogenic, and this latest hypothesis, latent reservoirs of the COVID virus. And some or all of them all together at once!

WSJ: A Key to Long Covid Is Virus Lingering in the Body, Scientists Say


Virus remaining in some people’s bodies for a long time may be causing longer-term complications, recent research suggests

The virus that causes Covid-19 can remain in some people’s bodies for a long time.  A growing number of scientists think that lingering virus is a root cause of long Covid.

New research has found the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the blood of long Covid patients up to a year after infectionbut not in people who have fully recovered from Covid. Virus has also been found in tissues including the brain, lungs, and lining of the gut, according to scientists and studies [sic]

The findings suggest that leftover reservoirs of virus could be provoking the immune system in some people, causing complications such as blood clots and inflammation, which may fuel certain long Covid symptoms, scientists say.

A group of scientists and doctors are joining forces to focus research on viral persistence and aim to raise $100 million to further the search for treatments. Called the Long Covid Research Initiative, the group is run by the PolyBio Research Foundation, a Mercer Island, Wash., based nonprofit focused on complex chronic inflammatory diseases. 

... Long Covid patients experience such a wide range of long-term symptoms that scientists think there is likely more than one cause, however. Some cases may be fueled by organ damage, for instance. 


WIND: medical ambulance chasers? What is the line between fraud and self enrichment (money, prestige, etc)? Will funding “scientists” who have (see below) already assumed one root cause and have already assumed it is latent COVID virus really achieve anything that will actually help people, and help them at reasonable cost? We have to ask, for giggles at least.

Will real science win out? Dubious—the goal of studying it will inexorably turn to how to profit from it, which means Big Pharma drugs on the heels of personal/professional aggrandizement of the researchers? Follow the money. That is the story and trajectory of all major research in this country for many decades now, so I am on safe ground which isn’t even cynical, just eyes-wide-open realistic.

Spike protein from what?

Umm... isn’t the spike protein what is *also* in the mRNA Jabs?

Among the strongest evidence of viral persistence in long Covid patients is a new study by Harvard researchers published Friday in the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Researchers detected the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a large majority of 37 long Covid patients in the study and found it in none of 26 patients in a control group.

...A year after infection, some patients had levels of viral spike protein that were as high as they did earlier in their illness, Dr. Walt says. Such levels long after initial infection suggest that a reservoir of active virus is continuing to produce the spike protein because the spike protein typically doesn’t have a long lifetimehe adds.

Note the flawed logic above: there are at least two reasons that the spike protein might linger: (1) latent COVID virus, (2) Franken-DNA that has incorporated the "code" to make the spike protein, either from the COVID Jabs or COVID itself, or both. An assumption is not science.

Could the alleged latent reservoir of COVID in the body actually be franken-DNA that has incorporated the coding (from the mRNA Jabs) to create the spike protein?

They had better disprove that hypothesis before embarking on the latest psyops campaigns for the new mouse-tested bivalent Jabs. Except that a huge pot of money will ensure that no one will look for that, since it is far more convenient to blame it on latent virus. AFAIK, my speculation on this supremely nasty possibility indeed is a concern that have already been expressed by brave researchers, and aggressively suppressed without any credible scientific justification.

Non-objective science?

Statements like this are concerning:

“We really want to understand what’s at the root of [long Covid] and we want to focus on that,” says Amy Proal, a microbiologist at PolyBio and the initiative’s chief scientific officer.

One “root” vs a multi-variant host of issues? Why make a cognitive commitment to a single causal factor? That’s broken scientific thinking that precludes looking for things not on the desired map of outcomes, and one naturally steers the ship towards one shore—a drug that will treat it.

Anon MD writes:

I saw this article as well. Semi-quantitative and descriptive only; nothing definitive here. Just an observation.

The supplement which contains patient demographics was not provided in the PDF.

No clear relationship between vaccination and levels of spike proteins in patients vaccinated, although intervals from vaccination to assay not controlled.

Number too few to establish any relationship between vaccination and persistence of spike proteins.

The investigators also profit from the grant money and “prestige” they receive for the publications. Notice the aim to raise $100M? Mercer Island: isn’t that where Bill Gates lives?

Technical points: The mRNA vaccines contain mRNA which encode spike proteins, not the proteins themselves (picky, picky - I know). The assumption is that the mRNA disappears after 12-24 hours having made a shit load of spike protein. Does it all really go away with no RNA (or DNA) residual?

Spike protein would not be incorporated into DNA. The mRNA sequence encoding the spike protein could possibly be incorporated into DNA by reverse transcriptase which reads RNA into DNA (the opposite of the normal process). Some have spoken about this as a possibility regarding potential hazards of the mRNA vaccines, so they have been immediately shot down.

“One “root” Occam’s razor is not very sharp.

WIND:the last reference, to Occam’s razor, is spot-on. It also tells us that the sun goes around the earth. That the researcher’s have already committed to the obvious does not bode well for finding real solutions.

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