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Michael Eades MD, 'The Arrow': the Difference Between Town and Gown

re: ethics in medicine

This issue of The Arrow was particularly informative for me.

Michael Eades MD, 'The Arrow': the difference Between Town and Gown

2022-09-15. Emphasis added.

...From the Mailbag...

“...When we asked my daughter about all the nurses and doctors refusing the Covid shot, she explained that nurses “aren’t as well educated as doctors” and that the doctors refusing the shot “mostly are surgeons, who really are only up on surgical procedures and not medicine.”

We were gobsmacked by that. My own experience has been that nurses are HUGE sources of reliable observational data, and the one surgeon I’ve had was perfectly up to speed on my condition before surgery and during all followup visits. I cannot but think that my daughter, if she carries on in that derogatory vein, will fail at relationships with essential coworkers during her career.”

We've all heard it said that medicine is both a science and an art. When fledgling doctors are in training, they learn the science part of that equation. Medical school lasts for four years, and during that time attendees are force fed an incredible amount of information. When you're there under the gun, there really is no time--or very little, at best--to stop and consider what you're being told. You don't have time. All you can do is try your best to remember it.

Take a look at the complexity of information contained in this link. You can click on it to enlarge it and see it more detail... In biochemistry, which is a first year med school class, baby docs have to learn all these pathways including the enzymes involved. And be able to recall them for a test. And this is just one class out of many. The others are just as bad.

...From the sound of it, the daughter of my correspondent above may fall into this trap. It is obvious that the docs running her family practice residency program are all in on The Current Thing. They probably wear Ukrainian flag patches on their white coats as they practice their vaccine zealotry. The poor residents try to fit in, so they buy into all this. 

I'm hoping on her parents' behalf that she sees through all this academia BS and gets her head on straight. Before I leave this subject, I want to make clear that many academic physicians do not fall into the stereotype I presented above, but more do than don't. At least in my experience.


WIND: the practicing doctors I’ve asked about the Krebs Cycle don’t remember it. Now go see that diagram... OMG.


... Fauci then and now

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the video of Fauci saying there is no time to test the new Covid vaccines. If not, here it is. I've timed stamped it.

Fauci video saying there is no time to test the booster.

This varies greatly from what he said years ago when he was working on a vaccine for AIDS. There was a widespread panic at the time, primarily because Fauci had falsely warned people that the virus could be spread by heterosexual sex. As I'm sure most of you know, most people enjoy sex quite a bit, so it became a huge issue when participating in the act itself could end up potentially infecting one with an invariably fatal (which it was at that time) infection. People were clamoring for a vaccine.

At that time, Fauci spoke the truth. Click here for the rare Rumble video of Fauci not lying when his lips were moving.

This whole idea of there not being enough time to test the vaccine is totally absurd. We're talking about a disease that has about the same mortality as influenza. And our public health authorities don't want to take the time to test it.

[WIND: regarding ALS drug that was not approved]... Let's see if I've got this right. We've got a disease here that is invariably fatal. Those who have it live for at best two years after their diagnosis. There is a drug that will give them maybe another year of life, but the FDA is withholding it pending further testing.

At the same time, we have a virus circulating that is similar to influenza in terms of morbidity and mortality, and Fauci et al are telling us we don't have time to test a vaccine for it. And this in the face of VAERS data showing the previous version of this same vaccine to have killed more people than all the vaccines combined since records have been kept.


WIND: the range of opinions in the medical profession is stunning.

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