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New Onset Seizures after COVID-19 Vaccination

re: COVID hysteria

Safe and effective? Neither.

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New Onset Seizures after COVID-19 Vaccination

2022-10-25. Emphasis added. By Dr. Peter A. McCullough.

A 56-year-old roofing contractor and friend of the family had his first ever seizure while working on the rooftop of a hotel building.  His coworker used all his might in a harrowing rescue maneuver to keep the helpless seizing man from falling further over the edge to his death many stories below.

As a result of this neurological event, the contractor had a prolonged severe concussion, broken ribs, and underwent countless x-rays and scans during a hospitalization and follow-up clinic visits.  He went on temporary disability and his small business was shut down.  Months later he had difficulty controlling high blood pressure and felt weak and dizzy.  After an exhaustive diagnostic evaluation there was no explanation for the seizure.

He reached out to ask, “could this have been caused by my COVID-19 vaccine?”  Fan and coworkers from Taiwan reported a 22-year-old man who had his first seizure six days after the second Moderna shot.[i]

Comprehensive testing including repeated spinal taps demonstrated indirect evidence of the Spike protein produced by the mRNA vaccine within the brain.  They found IgG directed against the receptor binding domain of the Spike protein in cerebral spinal fluid and over time, the concentrations of this antibody were discordant with serum levels, suggesting the Spike protein was indeed within the brain where it would be expected to cause inflammation and trigger a seizure.


So, if someone in your circles has been diagnosed with epilepsy or new onset seizures in the past few years with no obvious source (head trauma, neurosurgery, radiation, meningitis, etc) ask if they took one of the COVID-19 vaccines.


Let this be a lesson learned, genetic material loaded on lipid nanoparticles is a terrible concept for a vaccine since it will go everywhere in the body including the brain where there can be inflammatory injury, disability, and sadly in some victims–death.

WIND: the poorly-tested COVID Jabs were and are far more dangerous than any approved vaccines on the market. More and more horror stories will come out, as the issues can no longer be suppressed effectively—for most people, the jig is up and they won’t be had again.

And don’t worry—the latest COVID Jab was tested on a clutch of eight (8) mice which are pretty much the same as ten thousand humans, as far as the rigor of scientific testing goes over at the CDC and FDA.

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