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A Closer Look at the COVID Mortality Rate

re: Brownstone Institute

COVID fatality rate, WHO vs IOANNIDIS

Statistics show COVID to have been a mass hysteria, little more than an opportunity for government thugs to harrass and destroy lives, in every possible way.

Plenty of other things in life are more deadly—RSV for children, for example, a disease I once feared would take my daughter 24 years ago, and still an issue today. We all live with such risks as a fact of life.

Brownstone Institute: A Closer Look at the COVID Mortality Rate

2022-10-26, by Ian Miller. Emphasis added.

The median infection fatality rate for those aged 0–59 was 0.035 percent.

This represents 86 percent of the global population and the survival rate for those who were infected with COVID pre-vaccination was 99.965 percent.

For those aged 0–69, which covers 94 percent of the global population, the fatality rate was 0.095 percent, meaning the survival rate for nearly 7.3 billion people was 99.905 percent.

Those survival rates are obviously staggeringly high, which already creates frustration that restrictions were imposed on all age groups, when focused protection for those over 70 or at significantly elevated risk would have been a much more preferable course of action.

But it gets worse.

The researchers broke down the demographics into smaller buckets, showing the increase in risk amongst older populations, and conversely, how infinitesimal the risk was amongst younger age groups.

  • Ages 60–69, fatality rate 0.501 percent, survival rate 99.499 percent
  • Ages 50–59, fatality rate 0.129 percent, survival rate 99.871 percent
  • Ages 40–49, fatality rate 0.035 percent survival rate 99.965 percent
  • Ages 30–39, fatality rate 0.011 percent, survival rate 99.989 percent
  • Ages 20–29, fatality rate 0.003 percent, survival rate 99.997 percent
  • Ages 0–19, fatality rate 0.0003 percent, survival rate 99.9997 percent

They added that “Including data from another 9 countries with imputed age distribution of COVID-19 deaths yielded median IFR of 0.025-0.032 percent for 0-59 years and 0.063-0.082 percent for 0-69 years.”

These numbers are astounding and reassuringly low, across the board.

But they’re almost nonexistent for children.

Yet as late as fall 2021, Fauci was still fear-mongering about the risks of COVID to children in order to increase vaccination uptake, saying in an interview that it was not a “benign situation”: “We certainly want to get as many children vaccinated within this age group as we possibly can because as you heard and reported, that this is not, you know, a benign situation.”

It’s nearly impossible for any illness to be less of a risk, or more “benign” than a 0.0003 percent risk of death.

Even in October 2021, during that same interview with NPR, Fauci said that masks should continue on children as an “extra step” to protect them, even after vaccination:

...The CDC, “expert” community, World Health Organization, media figures—all endlessly spread terror that the virus was a mass killer while conflating detected case fatality rates with infection fatality rates.

Yet now we have another piece of evidence suggesting that the initial WHO estimates were off by 99 percent for 94 percent of the world’s population.

Just for some perspective, here’s the difference visually portrayed between what the WHO claimed and what Ioannidis found:

COVID fatality rate, WHO vs IOANNIDIS

Even if the lockdowns, mask mandates, capacity limits, and shuttered playgrounds worked, the dangers of the virus were so minuscule that the collateral damage instantly and immediately outweighed any potential benefit.


Economic destruction, increased suicide attempts due to seemingly indefinite isolation, horrifying levels of learning loss, increasing obesity amongst kids, plummeting test scores, increased poverty and hunger, supply chain problems, rampant inflation; all of it is a direct result of policies imposed by terrified, incompetent “experts.”

Their estimates were hopelessly, catastrophically wrong, yet they maintained their unchallenged sense of authority for multiple years, and still receive awards, praise, increased funding and a sense of infallibility amongst politicians and decision-makers.

If sanity and intellectual honesty still existed, these estimates would be front page news for every major media outlet in the world.

Instead, because the media and their allies in the tech, corporate, and political classes promoted and encouraged lockdowns and restrictions while censoring dissent, it’s ignored.


WIND: never trust your government, never trust authorities about anything. That’s as good a rule as follow the money—neither will lead you astray throughout life. Not trusting is not the same as saying everything is false (duh!). But it is is a guiding principle that only children and idiots accept the scrapple fed to them without first assuming it is false and seeking verification.

The whole COVID thing was a mass hysteria of unprecedented proportions (and still is to some extent), but now much more of the population is seeing it for the sham and scam it was, limiting (at least in most places) the ability of government thugs to use COVID as a tool for social control.

Follow the science? Now we are on the road to government-mandated child abuse, when there is nil risk to children.

Which is not to minimize deaths. But many of those were caused by intransigent medical incompetence—death by government guidelines and rigid treatments, failures to advise for healthier baselines, etc.

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