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Blood Pressure Meds: Suicide-Inducing Quality of Life Disaster?

re: ethics in medicine
re: The Epoch Times

Recently, Scott Adams (author of Dilbert) went public, stating that his quality of life was so bad that he would consider suicide if it did not improve within one year. Constant muscle pains for months, no energy, just a horrible day, day after day. He had thought it might be Long COVID. It wasn’t.

The cause? A Big Pharma medication for high blood pressure. For blood pressure that wasn’t even high but very marginally borderline. He seems clueless about how insignificant his “issue” was.

Scott stopped the beta blocker, and within 24 hours, months of agony went away, and did not return.

How many Americans are damaged/injured by their feckless doctors prescribing one (or many) dangerous meds according to guidelines, for a dubious if not outright crackpot medical hypothesis for which research does not hold up under scrutiny? Like the steadily decreasing guidelines for “high” blood pressure, which varies hugely over the course of the day (or with coffee!) and for which doctors do one or two measurements before dispensing the “rat poison” the guidelines suggest.

OTOH, given the garbage that most people eat (and fail to change) and the lack of exercise, maybe for some (many), a BP med is the only form of compliance that a doctor can handle. But such people are just adding problems onto problems, rather than fixing the core issues first.

I am NOT saying that no-one should use a BP med. Some people for whatever reason can have dangerously high BP. But high BP things can be episodical. For example, my BP ran something like 190/160 for 6-8 weeks after my concussion (no doctor even bothered to check it, another case of doctor ignorance). And fighting Long COVID, when I had a downcycle, it would rise to the 150/90 range from the 118/68 range. Thing is, a doctor will put you on a lifetime regimen for episodical things—precisely what my (former) cardiologist tried to do, based on one visit and even when I explained that my body was under special and extraordinary duress, particularly so at that time. It doesn’t even register with those assholes.

How many medical doctors follow up properly, let alone perform competent risk assessment? Probably 1% of doctors do both of these, and 5% do one of them. It’s obvious if you spend one visit with any doctor working for a corporation—poisons  (“medication”) is dispensed like Halloween candy. It’s appalling beyond belief. And all the risk and heartache and damage is yours to bear—no liability whatsoever.

Talk to your doctor? Who but a child or idiot thinks that is a good idea when doctors are not free to practice medicine, but must instead mindlessly prescribe by numbers to cover their ass? And to NOT discuss the dangerous and unpleasant side effects of so many meds. Buyer beware—choose your doctor with exceptional care, which means NOT in a corporate entity. There is simple NO CHANCE you will get objective advice from such organizations.

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