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How Poly Unsaturated Oils and Lineolic Fatty Acid Wrecks Your Health (PUFAs)

re: ethics in medicine
re: The Epoch Times

Pay attention here—short long term health consequences. I’ve covered PUFAs before.

Big food is poisoining you and your family, delivering your disease-ridden body to Big Pharma for “healthcare”.

See also: The Bitter Truth About Seed Oils, Inflammation, and Disease—The Genius Life with Max Lugavere

The Epoch Times: How This Common Fatty Acid Wrecks Your Health

2022-10-24 by Joseph Mercola. Emphasis added.

Linoleic acid (LA) is the primary contributor to nearly all chronic diseases.

You hear a lot about essential fatty acids, but did you know certain ones can damage your metabolism and set you up for obesity, heart disease and worse?


  • Linoleic acid (LA) makes up the bulk — about 60% to 80% — of omega-6 and is the primary contributor to nearly all chronic diseases. While considered an essential fat, when consumed in excessive amounts, LA acts as a metabolic poison
  • Polyunsaturated fats such as LA are highly susceptible to oxidation, which means the fat breaks down into harmful subcomponents. OXLAMS (oxidated LA metabolites) are what cause the damage
  • Over the last 150 years, the LA in the human diet has increased from about 2 to 3 grams a day to 30 or 40 grams. LA used to make up 1% to 3% of the energy in the human diet and now it makes up 15% to 20%
  • The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is also very important, but simply increasing the amount of omega-3 that you eat is ill advised. You really need to minimize your omega-6 to prevent damage
  • At a molecular level, excess LA consumption damages your metabolism and impedes your body’s ability to generate energy in your mitochondria

In this interview, Tucker Goodrich and I discuss what will be the topic of my next book, namely linoleic acid (LA), which I believe is likely the leading contributing cause of virtually all chronic diseases we’ve encountered over the last century. Unfortunately, this is a topic that most clinicians and health care practitioners who focus on natural medicine have only a superficial understanding of.

Avoiding Omega-6 Fats Is Key for Good Health

While considered an essential fat, when consumed in excessive amounts, which over 99% of people do, LA (an omega-6 polyunsaturated fat or PUFA) acts as a metabolic poison.

Most clinicians who value nutritional interventions to optimize health understand that vegetable oils, which are loaded with omega-6 PUFA, are something to be avoided. What most fail to appreciate is that even if you eliminate the vegetable oils and avoid them like the plague, you may still be missing the mark.

Chances are you’re still getting too much of this dangerous fat from supposedly healthy food sources such as olive oil and chicken (which are fed LA-rich grains).


WIND: obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease, even sunburn, which I can attest to personallly (no longer happens to me!).

COVID-19 probably killed many people because of BAD DIET, especially linoleic acid, which is highly toxic when released into the bloodstream.

Do not eat seed oils in any form

This means most foods you will find in the grocery store, restaurant food, snack bars, “health bars”, fast food, salad dressing, etc.

Do not eat processed foods

Eat whole unprocessed foods.

If a food has more than1 ingredient (or a few all of which are original foods), you’re good. If it has chemicals, additives, etc, do not eat it.

Do not eat factory-farmed meat

Grass-fed only. Most meats sold today are fed corn and soy, producing high levels of Omega 6 and linoleic acids in the meat.

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