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Scientists Say Alzheimer’s Is an Autoimmune Disease, Not Result of Amyloid Plaques

re: Alzheimer’s disease

Makes a lot more sense than the existing lame explanations, which explain nothing but effect, lacking any causal credibility.

The Epoch Times: Scientists Say Alzheimer’s Is an Autoimmune Disease, Not Result of Amyloid Plaques


According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 50 million dementia patients in the world, with 10 million new cases every year; it means that about one person is diagnosed every three seconds...

Recently, Canadian scientists published a post saying that the amyloid beta found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients is actually a substance released by the body’s immune response. They further speculate that Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune disease centered on the brain.

Autoimmune diseases refer to diseases caused by the body’s own immune system attacking the body. For instance, inflammations like arthritis and neuritis are autoimmune diseases.

...The study looked at amyloid beta as a molecule normally found in the brain, that is, part of the brain’s immune system, rather than an abnormal protein.

Amyloid beta is a product of an integrated immune response that occurs in the brain when there is trauma or the presence of bacteria in it. The researchers also emphasized that stimulating events such as infection, trauma, ischemia, air pollution, and depression can trigger the body’s immune response, causing the secretion of amyloid beta.


As neurons disintegrate after necrosis, the necrotic neuronal breakdown products diffuse to adjacent neurons, eliciting the further release of amyloid beta—everything keeps collapsing like dominoes and develops into a chronic self-perpetuating autoimmune cycle that eventually leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

The study also emphasizes that it is the necrotic neuronal breakdown products that elicit the release of amyloid beta and that the natural process of neuronal apoptosis does not significantly promote the release of this substance.

Other Evidence

In addition to having neurotoxic properties, amyloid beta was considered in this study as an antimicrobial peptide secreted by the human body. The researchers believe that when the human body is stimulated, it will mount an immune response and secrete amyloid beta to fight external challenges, as in vitro experiments have shown that amyloid beta also has antiviral and antibacterial functions, which also happen to be the basic properties of antimicrobial peptides secreted by the human body.

In experiments, amyloid beta was shown to be effective against the herpes simplex virus, as well as being able to kill and break down a variety of bacteria, including E. coliS. aureusS. marcescens, and K. pneumonia. The researchers believe that these experimental results support the view that Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune disease.


However, some scientists have also proposed related treatment methods based on the communication pathway of the microbiota-gut-brain axis. For example, by enhancing the activity of specific gastrointestinal microbiota, the body can produce neuroactive tryptophan metabolites to intervene and treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

WIND: auto-immune disease can be caused by a virus (eg Epstein-Bar virus or COVID-19 and many others), or the chemical-laden toxic food that most most people eat, including so many grain-based products, and so on. It would make a lot of sense that Alzheimer’s is driven by diet primarily, given its epidemic and catastrophic levels.

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