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Lipids: A Different Perspective, Part Three (Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis, statin)

re: cholesterol
re: statin

Crackpot debunked assumptions about cholesterol and statins and atherosclerosis are still the standard of care (abuse) in modern medicine. One of many runaway trains that enable Modern Wealthcare*.

* The repudiation of health and transfer of wealth from patients to “care” givers, while destroying any chance at better health via terrible advice, always treating symptoms and rarely causes, and never a cure. There is nil “health” in healthcare, a bitter pill of a word in its misleading suggestiveness.

The Arrow #100, Cholesterol, Cholesterol, Cholesterol…

TG = triglycerides, CVD = cardiovascular disease, CAD = coronary artery disease

I get emails all the time from people wondering about this or that cholesterol level. Here’s an example:

Could I suggest you write about your views about the advanced cholesterol tests like apoB, apoA, Lp(a), LDL-P, HDL-P... don't know if I remembered all of them.

If i'm not wrong it was a study called Interheart that found that relation apoA/apoB was the more predictive marker.

My view is that they don’t really matter. I know that sounds like madness, but I really don’t. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading the lipid literature, and I’m just not convinced lipids having anything to do with heart disease. Eskimos supposedly have 29 words describing snow. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’ve heard it countless times. Lipidologists are the same. They keep slicing and dicing the various lipids into more and more subfractions in an effort to find something that confirms their notion that lipids cause heart disease.

...If you haven’t read Malcolm’s book The Clot Thickens @AMAZON, click the link and get it right now. Don’t even read on first and get it later, or you might forget. It’s a wonderful book everyone concerned about heart disease and health in general should read. And, like Malcolm himself, it’s both brilliant and funny.


Weakness Is the New Smoking

While holed up in Fayetteville I read a new study that I loved. Problem is, I love it because it tells me what I want to hear. Which is that strength, measured as handgrip strength, is a proxy for actual biological age.


WIND: the cholesterol hypothesis is increasingly obvious as a crackpot theory, but of course embraced by the modern medical establishment. The original intellectual crook Ancel Keys should take his place in history as a scoundrel.

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