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Unsettled Science, by Nina Teichholz

re: ethics in medicine
re: follow the money

Every doctor ought to be reading Nina Teicholz’s substack Unsettled Science. Good luck with that*.

Nina is also the author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet @AMAZON and numerous other investigative journalism pieces.

For example...

* As a professional group doctors are among the least qualified people on the planet to opine on nutrition and healthy living, having had nil training on nutrition and no competence at improving baseline health.

It’s National Diabetes Month, and U.S. Plans Will Lead to…More Diabetes


President Biden recently issued a proclamation for National Diabetes Month, which follows upon his historic White House Conference last month, on Hunger, Nutrition & Health. He is right to focus on the crushing load of diabetes, which costs $1 billion dollars a day to treat and afflicts more than 37 million Americans, including nearly one third of people aged 65 years-plus. And our children: the number of young people under age 20 with type 2 diabetes grew by an astonishing 95% from 2001 to 2017. These trends have all been moving fast in the wrong direction, ever since the first Diabetes Awareness Month, back in 1975. Awareness is nice, but clearly it hasn’t brought results. And tragically, the current administration’s proposals are based on precisely zero hard science.

.... To be clear: We should aim to make insulin not just more affordable, but obsolete. That may sound crazy, but reversal of diabetes is now known to be possible, for people with type 2 (type 1 occurs when the body can no longer produce insulin, a condition that cannot be cured). People with type 2 can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for insulin and swivel their condition into reverse within a matter of weeks—mainly by cutting back on foods that spike blood sugar. Multiple clinical trials, including one with 5-year results, have demonstrated this breakthrough treatment and shown it to be safe. Thus, type 2 diabetes, long considered the unstoppable slow-train to death, has a new gear: reverse. This is undoubtedly headline news, yet not a single person involved in the research or practice of diabetes reversal was invited to talk at the White House conference.

...We can only conclude that according to the most rigorous available data, the USDA diet will not make a dent in the diabetes epidemic. In fact, given what is now known about how type 2 diabetes can be put into remission—by reducing sugars and starches—the US guidelines, with six servings of grain (including 3 refined grains) and 10% of calories as sugar, will almost inevitably worsen this condition.

These are the guidelines that allow donuts and OJ for breakfast in school meals, followed by pizza and Nachos for lunch. Need we say more?


WIND: follow the money (and trail of destruction and death)— Big Medicine has a superb business model: make people sicker and sicker, for an increasing supply of customers for every illness imaginable.

Cheerios a Health Food, Says Leader of White House Conference on Nutrition



What kind of dystopian world has nutrition “science” entered into whereby a university, a peer-reviewed journal, and one of the field’s most influential leaders legitimize advice telling the public to eat more Lucky Charms and fewer eggs? Simply eyeballing these recommendations should be enough to know this diet is a get-sick, diabetes diet, a high-carb, sugar-laden, candy-coated highway to ill-health.

...Each of these assumptions is contradicted by substantial data to the contrary. Just take the subject of dietary cholesterol, for example. The science on this topic was systematically reviewed by the American Heart Association in 2013, and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines expert committees in 20151 and 20202. All these reviews found no link between cholesterol in the diet and cholesterol in the blood. It turns out that restricting eggs and shellfish is ineffective, since the body simply adjusts its own cholesterol production to keep a steady amount available for the body’s many essential functions. Ranking “egg whites” higher than a whole egg, as the Food Compass does, is therefore not supported by the evidence. Outdated hypotheses die hard, we know, but the dean of a nutrition school should be up-to-speed on the latest science. 


WIND: follow the money. Nutritional science is an oxymoron in practice, as is medical science. Both are radical takeovers of science by money-making interests destroying health for profit.

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