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Suppressing Repurposed Drugs ‘Cost Millions of Lives’: Founder of COVID Treatment Fund

re: ethics in medicine

Medical ethics are an oxymoron.

The Epoch Times: Suppressing Repurposed Drugs ‘Cost Millions of Lives’: Founder of COVID Treatment Fund


Doctors who dare to question vaccine safety are maligned: Steve Kirsch

The executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Steve Kirsch, has been working to make early COVID drug treatments available to the public, despite being assailed by the medical establishment for speaking out about the dangers of the COVID vaccines.

During the pandemic, he founded the COVID-19 Treatment Fund to raise money to test repurposed drugs for use in treating COVID, while health agencies were dismissing their effectiveness and urging the public to get vaccinated as the only way to prevent severe illness and hospitalization.

Not allowing the testing and use of repurposed drugs has cost too many lives said, Kirsch.

“This has cost millions of lives,” and the problem was compounded by a hospital COVID treatment protocol “that was almost certain to kill you,” Kirsch said during a recent interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program.

He said the COVID protocols hospitals have followed, although sanctioned by the federal health agencies, added to the death toll.

It’s approved by the NIH, and if [hospitals] stick with the NIH and the CDC approved protocols, [hospitals] get compensated, and there’s no liability,” said Kirsch.

Early Treatment Works 

At the start of the pandemic, Kirsch donated a million dollars and raised five million to fund clinical trials and recruited a 14-person scientific advisory board all to test repurposed drugs for COVID treatment.

“What we discovered was that many of these drugs were remarkably effective,” said Kirsch. One of the repurposed drugs, fluvoxamine, was successful in treating COVID and featured on 60 Minutes, but was not mentioned that it was highly effective in treating COVID.

If patients started taking the drug right when they started to develop COVID symptoms, the results were very good with no hospitalizations. After the study, Kirsch tried to get emergency authorization from the FDA but was told that the study had insufficient evidence.

“This is something that is killing people, that is a world emergency, and it took the FDA six weeks to act on data that could be reviewed in an hour. The fix is in, they’re not going to approve anything,” said Kirsch.

Even after more studies came out proving that this drug was effective in curing COVID, the FDA still rejected its use but approved a bivalent COVID booster with no human trials.

“There’s no evidence of a benefit [for bivalent booster], yet they approve it for that, but for fluvoxamine, which had a stellar track record and an incredible safety record for 30 years. They said nope, insufficient evidence,” said Kirsch.

The Epoch Times reached out to the FDA for comment.

Because Kirsch had limited funds, he said he also went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to ask: “Hey, would you help me fund early treatment because that’s the fastest, safest, cheapest way? Let’s try what’s on the shelf. They said, ‘nope, we’re out of money.’”


Hiding Safety Data

Kirsch cites the fact that the Israeli Ministry of Health neglected to collect and later kept vaccine adverse effect data from the public, even though their own research team found many serious and long-term health problems from getting the shots.



Although Kirsch has had a very successful career as a tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, because he has been outspoken about the dangers of COVID vaccines he has been attacked, censored, lost friends and colleagues, and been maligned; including having his LinkedIn resumé deleted and a significant philanthropic award—the National Caring Award—erased from his Wiki page.


Doctors Are Attacked

But more and more people including doctors are realizing that these vaccines are not as safe or effective as claimed, such as British Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who because a skeptic after his father died from a sudden heart condition after getting vaccinated. He then dug into the COVID adverse data and discovered the dangers of the shots and is now calling for an end to the COVID vaccine mandates.


Even more disturbing is the censorship in scientific journals, and on social media platforms, “which is unconstitutional, where they’re collaborating with social media companies, to censor people like me, and Robert Malone and Peter McCullough.”

“I‘ve seen multiple analyses of data, whether it’s from San Diego or Ontario, that show there is no hospitalization benefit, that there is no infection benefit, and there is no death benefit. So we are doing all this, we are turning the country upside down and mandating a vaccine which is killing people. And that’s why I’m doing this, because if I can help stop that … I did the right thing to do. ”

WIND: follow the money.

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