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COVID-19 Boosters Provide Little Added Protection for People With Natural Immunity: Study

re: follow the money

Most studies are bullshit. The cited study surely is, and the best it could do was to claim an absurdly small benefit.

My natural immunity continues to protect me for 2.7 years now, even though my IgM is far below the normal range (IgM is important to fighting off infections). I have not been sick with anything since my April 2020 COVID whack. My issues are auto-immune, from that damned infection, but I do not get sick even though I’ve had close contact (family) 4 times now with COVID.

The Epoch Times: COVID-19 Boosters Provide Little Added Protection for People With Natural Immunity: Study


COVID-19 vaccine boosters provided small boosts for people who have recovered from COVID-19, according to a new study.

Measuring the effectiveness of the Moderna and Pfizer boosters against the BA.1 Omicron subvariant, researchers found that a booster upped protection against infection by just 6.1 percent for those who had a documented prior infection, or natural immunity.

... The new study identified poor effectiveness from both a primary series and a booster against infection, particularly among the naturally immune.


WIND: a meaningless figure. Basically, the Jab for those with natural immunity is an idiotic idea, special circumstances possibly excepted, but probably not. Crackpot medicine.

how many people really died or have been seriously damaged from the mRNA jabs? Surely far more than claimed. What if no autopsy had been done?

That the mRNA “vaccines” are not effective beyond some short time period of time for some small subset of people is beyond obvious at this point.

That they are more unsafe than all other vaccine problems combined in history is also increasingly obvious.

That the benefit vs risk proposition is dubious for 90% of the population is now beyond question. And now these evil motherfuckers want to give the Jab to babies.

As for my family, I’d say that vaccination was 100% risk and 0% benefit—the Jab was 100% ineffective against infection. The COVID Jabs have proven to be a crock of shit crackpot medicine scam that is all about follow the money.

Got your flu shot yet? Since I stopped getting one (6 years or so ago), I’ve never again had the flu. Yet years when I did get the shot, I got the flue at least half the time. Why is that?

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