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For the Vast Majority, COVID was Less Bad than the Flu

re: ethics in medicine and follow the money
re: John Ioannidis
re: Michael Eades

Easier to quote this excellent summary than try to say it myself.

Michael Eades, MD: New Paper on COVID Death Rate

2022-12-29. Emphasis added.

Dr. John Ioannidis and his group at Stanford just published their extensive review of the infection fatality rate (IFR) in people under the age of 70. This paper has been in prepub for a few months, but now has gone through the useless process (in my opinion) of peer review and appears in the journal Environmental Research, which is not a top tier journal. Which in itself is telling in that Dr. Ioannidis is one of the most cited authors alive, but is telling a tale the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want to hear, thus the relegation to less than top tier.

As these authors point out in the introduction

The largest burden of COVID-19 is carried by the elderly, and persons living in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable. However, 94% of the global population is younger than 70 years and 86% is younger than 60 years. 

...The IFR is exactly what is says it is: The rate of fatality among those who actually got Covid. Not the death rate of the overall population, most of whom did not contract Covid. So the IFR will always be higher than any other rate, because it pertains only to those infected.

And what was the IFR?

Well, in those 59 or younger is was 0.03 percent. This isn’t 3 percent, or even 0.3 percent. It is 0.03 percent, which means three hundredths of one percent. Which calculates to 30 people out of 10,000. [WIND: incorrect; it’s only 3 people out of 10000 eg 0.03 / 100 * 10000 = 3] And those weren’t 10,000 people grabbed at random; those were 10,000 people who were infected with Covid. Out of 10,000 people who got Covid, 30 died with it.

The paper says that of those 69 or under, the IFR was 0.07 percent. That represents 70 people out of 10,000 who got Covid died from the disease.

As the age brackets get younger, the disease is much less fatal. Here is a graphic showing the IFR as a function of age.

As you can see, the IFR of those under age 20 are at max about 0.001 percent. That’s one fatality in 10,000 kids [WIND: INCORRECT, it is 1 in 100,000]. The flu kills more than that. And I can just about guarantee you that the one kid [WIND: 0.1 kid] out of 10,000 who died was either immunocompromised or morbidly obese and diabetic.
And for this, we closed down schools and colleges.

What’s even worse is that the data dumps Elon released from Twitter show that the experts who were recommending the elderly be protected, the schools be opened and the lockdowns undone were shadow banned or had their accounts suspended. Most of this was fomented by our own government twisting arms at Twitter for absolute certain and doubtless at other Big Tech companies as well.

...The work of Dr. McCullough and others along with my own study and my own experience with the disease makes me wonder what the statistics in Dr. Ioannidis’s paper would have looked like had the medical profession actually provided early treatment for patients. I strongly suspect the minuscule IFR that the paper reports would have been even smaller.

A lot of people have a lot to answer for.

WIND: our government destroyed lives and businesses and directly killed people via approved by deadly treatment.

These figures make it a near certainty that the harms caused by the Jab exceed the benefit, which did not and does not exist for the majority.

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