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COVID: Suppression of True Information that Did not Fit the Narrative is Proven

re: Michael Eades MD
re: child abuse

If there has been a theme to my coverage the past three years on COVID it has been that the narrative was and is a scam driven by follow the money. Everything we are learning shows that now.

Might as well quote Michael Eades MD here, below. Along with the latest admission by Pfizer of the danger to young people of the useless-for-them gene therapy Jab (aka child abuse for anyone with a conscience), maybe the tribalists with a fixed world view objecting to my years-long COVID coverage should pause and actually think for a change that there are invariably two (or three or five) aspects of a story, and that narratives are the very definition of anti-science. And that many needless deaths occurred because of it along with untold harms. And the long term damage of suppressing debate to maintain a narrative has done more damage to society than COVID ever did or will. That price will be paid for decades to come.

The Smoking Gun(s)

...I warn you, when you read it your blood is likely going to boil. Mine did. This is an email between our government and a Facebook staffer uncovered in discovery by the Missouri AG in their case.

And Childers’ commentary on it… Bless that Missouri attorney general. The disclosures from the Missouri v. Biden case are confirming what we all knew was going on, but couldn’t prove. The latest tidbit to be flipped out of the chum bucket is a pivotal March 21st, 2021 email from a Facebook staffer to Andy Slavitt, the White House Covid Coordinator. 

Here’s the crucial bit that I highlighted above:

[W]e have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation. This is often-true content, which we allow at the post level because experts have advised us that it is important for people to be able to discuss both their personal experiences and concerns about the vaccine, but it can be framed as sensation, alarmist, or shocking. We’ll remove these Groups, Pages, and Accounts when they are disproportionately promoting this sensationalized content. More on this front as we proceed to implement.

Often true! This email is a key bit of evidence proving several key facts, if not the entire case against the federal government. You could even call it a “smoking gun.” Why?

First, the email proves that Facebook’s motive was not really to stop “misinformation” from hurting people, but rather it was always intended to help promote the government’s hyper-aggressive vaccine program.

In his email, the staffer expressly admitted that Facebook was not just censoring “misinformation” to keep people safe, but was also censoring TRUE factual information that Facebook couldn’t find any way to label as mis-information. Like when somebody posted, “Seven hours after taking the second jab, my aunt died of a massive stroke.” That’s a fact...

WIND: I think it will emerge that tens of thousands young people with a long life ahead of them have been harmed by the gene therapy Jabs. Just one of many issues is heart inflammation, which is likely to have lifelong consequences for young people experienced it. It seems very likely that many more issue that emerge, and the proof will steadily emerge. Though our trusty medical profession is largely incompetent to diagnose stuff short of fullblown clinical symptoms. I could be wrong, I want to be wrong. But each and every day we learn more about the harms that we were forbiddent to speak of, to study, to wonder about. It will take years to sort it all out, and lots of ways to explain it away.

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