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COVID: Who Bears the Responsibility for Killing so Many People?

re: ethics in medicine

Is it too early to ask the obvious?

Of the people who were hospitalized with COVID, how many of them were killed by rigidly inflexible medical “care? Inappropriate care.

By “inappropriate”, I mean the unholy trinity of FDA and CDC and Industrialized Medicine that treated COVID as a viral disease instead of an inflammatory disease, and required treatment to the exclusion of other treatments that sent so many to their graves, treatment that was seen very early on to be ineffective, only a little better than palliative for so many. Guidelines so inflexible that nothing else could be tried.

Luckily, the virus has gotten a lot less serious, though the idiot “experts” praising the China obscenity might now want to rethink their position.

Did Big Medicine commit involuntary (negligent) manslaughter against hundreds of thousands of people for ideological and political reasons that had nothing to do with science? And far more to do with follow the money? I’m talking about the system here, not any individual doctor, of course (excluding those horrible individuals who drove these policies).

  • Treatment guidelines that were little more than a guess that were quickly etched in stone, to the detriment of millions.
  • An orthodoxy that failed to learn from the perplexing lack of efficacy of the proscribed guidelines, a doubling-down on death.
  • The insistence in using a few toxic medications like liver-destroying Remdesivir, which has dubious if any effectiveness.
  • An orthodoxy that attempted to destroy (legally, ad-hominem, licensing, employment) any physician testing or even discussing treatments or prevention outside the proscribed guidelines.
  • An orthodoxy that actively suppressed all forms of public discussion, thus guaranteeing that robust debate would not be possible, thus guaranteeing that effective solutions could not emerge. Even today.
  • The deliberate suppression of Ivermectin along with active disinformation campaigns disguised as “trials”, trials designed to fail by intentionally using it too late and completely at odds with how it was claimed to work. So that even today we still don’t know, with two oppposing camps each claiming the opposite, each sure of its position.
  • The failure of the vast majority of doctors to speak out. But far worse, the appalling spectacle of attacking other doctors who dared to have differing treatment viewpoints. It was not possible to harness the creative insights of doctors because trying stuff was career suicide.
  • Economic well-being translates directly to mental and physical health. The medical profession bears the responsibility for the destruction of health by supporting lockdowns and throwing millions out of work. Massive stress, violence, alcoholism, etc all resulted.
  • As just one example on the nutrition front: a profession that could not be bothered to suggest that Vitamin D might be protective and to aggressively encourage supplementation via free D at grocery stores and similar. Why the hell not? Zero risk, but maybe an upside.
  • An orthodoxy that needlessly harmed people not at risk by coercing them into taking the gene therapy Jab. A Jab that was known early on to not stop infection or transmission, and had very poor and short-lived efficacy. A jab that in the past would have caused it to be rejected for general public use. A Jab that might be appropriate for a small cohort eg the elderly, but even today foisted even onto children for harm-only “care”. Etcetera.
  • The vicious demonization of those that refused the Jab, ardently supported by medical professionals lying through their teeth about its benefits and risks.
  • The gaslighting of those injured by the Jab, right through today.
  • The vicious character assassination of some of the best epidemiologists in the world, which led to widespread economic destruction, resulting in even more misery and health issues. This may be the largest death toll, via starvation in much of the world.

Even today, these problems persist.

We can never know how many people might have been saved had this been done differently. It looks like little more could have been done to make it worse. The collective genius of humanity is incredible, if it is allowed to function—instead it was put in chains and the few courageous doctors who dared to practice their profession have been cast out of it.

For the children and idiots reading this: mental health is real health. This whole fiasco harmed the mental health of so many people in so many ways and those effects are slow to ebb. Whether it was economic destruction or browbeating about the Jab or wearing a mask on a windy day outdoors from ongoing anxiety.

Few people have the courage to lead, and that is no different in the medical profession. It makes me wonder whether a requirement for being a doctor ought to included psychiatric evaluations that reject applicants whose “herd mentality score” is above a threshold. Because our very lives on our the line, and not just with COVID.

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