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COVID: After Effects, What’s Going On, Really?

re: ethics in medicine


In the fog of war, we all had the moral right to our own judgment as to whether a poorly tested lied-about new “vaccine” should be forced into our our bodies. Ooops, most of us were denied that right by employers or government, being coerced in so many ways. A sad day here in America, once the land of the semi-free. What happened to tolerating the freedom of others in exchange for your own?

Regarding that gene therapy mRNA Jab, what is really going to play out here? Readers know I am not a fan of the Jab. And having natural immunity from April 2020 I never considered it, considering that a fool’s choice having NI. And never got infected again in spite of household exposure 3 times, from “vaccinated” family members no less.

I wonder if the Jab was a net harm for the vast majority of the population. BUT, I can’t just jump on the bandwagon of the Jab being responsible for the dramatic effects that are increasingly floating around out there. Not without a lot more evidence.

But who can be trusted? The world of science is a bombed-out pile of rubble.

Skeptic though I am, I am not signed up for this, and yet the Big Bang never made sense to me. But the dogma and corruption in “science” is weighting it down even within its current structure.

But I keep coming back to one thing: it was a violation of human rights to force the Jab on people, and those who were responsible for coercion (the use of force) should be held personally responsible for legal battery. For example, school authorities who made and enforced the decision to force the Jab on my daughters should be legally liable. Yeah, I know that will never happen, but it would be the best thing for our public institutions ever.

See also: UN Initiative Targets and Doxes Doctors and Nurses Who Don’t Follow COVID-19 Narrative

Some allegations (not mine)

I searched at random for a few controversial Jab issues, and related.

How does one assess articles like these below? It’s just about impossible, and boils down to which “experts” are expressing The Truth™. Unlike people who pick a team for that reassuring sense of certainty (an intellectual collapse IMO), I cannot do that and look at myself in the mirror, because team players can never be intellectually honest.

Assuming articles like these below are either wholly true OR wholly false seems unwise. There could be a continuum eg the Jab caused issues but it's 1/2 or 1/10 of what is bandied about. I do believe the Jab caused serious issues (including death) for some. And some issues might take years to emerge. But how much damage compared to the alternative of COVID itself? And every question must address the cohorts involved. It gets very complicated very quickly eg the child abuse of vaccinating 6-year-olds vs the presumable win (?) for a 75-year-old.

Most published studies are false, perhaps because any study with an undesired outcome is often never published, so we have a sparse matrix of medical literature that fosters 'weeds'. When “experts” study any of these questions, what assurance do we have that they got the right answer? None. Again, you are are forced to pick a team if you want to (pretend to) have certainty.

I think I’ll just stick with uncertainty, and watch how this clusterfuck health theater plays out.

How COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer — if such claims are true, a lot of people may die over the coming years. Is there 0% credibility here or something non-zero?

Africa Is Starkly Unvaccinated, and Starkly Unvanquished by COVID —  Was COVID grossly exaggerated financially-incentivized mass hysteria?

Athlete deaths — now that’s a miasma of competing claims, debunk and counter-debunk. OMG.

Trading COVID for Heart Disease Buys You Both — the article gives “proof”—that ends the discussion, right? Ummm....

The Mystery of Unaccounted Excess Deaths in the US — maybe excess deaths were just stress-related eg COVID policy driven and similar. Nothing to do withe Jab?

The Daily Sceptic: The Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable — maybe people just didn’t feel like doing 'it' while being forced to stay at home? Dunno. What if it continues next year too, what’s the explanation?

Fatal heart attacks have surged in Australia. Here’s why —  “The pandemic has only increased the risk factors.... COVID-19 infection worsens pre-existing heart conditions, and increases the risk of developing more than 20 heart conditions including heart attack, blood clots, heart failure and stroke”... ummm COVID does all that but the Jab spike protein does not? Or is it just delayed care or maybe just stress, which everyone would agree does cause heart attacks.

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