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Why Some People Never Become Infected With COVID-19


Maybe there are better or other reasons too, like priornatural immunity?

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Why Some People Never Become Infected With COVID-19

2023-01-23, by Dr. Yuhong Dong

Immunity is very much linked to several aspects of our character, including our daily habits, stress levels, and even how honest we are

...Let’s take a close look into the factors that affect our antiviral immunity, and how to better protect yourself if another wave hits where you live.

Some People Never Get Infected by Viruses

... During the COVID-19 pandemic, a SARS-CoV-2 human challenge study published in Nature in 2022 found that of the 36 healthy volunteers inoculated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus intranasally, only a little more than half became infected with mild symptoms, and the other half remained uninfected. Two were excluded from the per-protocol analysis, so the experiment went on with 34 participants.

Viruses ‘See’ People With Weakened Immunity

While people may look similar on the outside, we look very different in the microscopic world of viruses. Our immune systems look different, too.


2 States of Immunity

There are generally two distinct states of immune response—one healthy and effective, the other not. The first state is the antiviral state. It’s characterized by strong antiviral immunity from immune cells that can secrete interferons to eradicate viruses. The second is the systemic chronic inflammation state. This state makes people susceptible to viral infections.


Positive Thinking Promotes Antiviral Immunity

...People think that our thoughts are intangible, but they do, in fact, have material effects. Science has proved this point already. Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, and fear all have widespread and well-documented physiological effects. They can affect essential aspects of our biochemistry, from hormone production, to our perception of pain. Positive emotions also have an effect, though it can be mixed...

...The scientific evidence supports that our thoughts, mindsets, and moral standards can affect the genes and functions of immune cells, affect hormone levels, and impact holistic antiviral immunity.

...Throughout the recent COVID surge in China, there have been an unusual number of high-profile Chinese officials who have died of suspected COVID-19 infections. As high-ranking officials in China, they enjoy state-of-the-art medical care and have first-class food, nutrients, and dietary supplements. So why have they been dying during this wave?

...There is a Chinese traditional saying: “Illnesses are caused by 70 percent mental and 30 percent physical.” During the pandemic, it’s not only important to keep a good physical state, but to also keep a kind and virtuous mindset to aid your immune system.

WIND: interesting hypotheses. I think they are almost certainly correct to at least some degree. Like most things in the world, the results are the sum of many factors.

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