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COVID-Jab Damage Reports Keep Accruing: Eye Problems, Cardiac Problems, Incapacitated Pilots

re: ethics in medicine
re: WSJ and The Epoch Times
re: gaslighting and psyops

re: COVID-19 Vaccines Safety and Effectiveness: Gaslighting and Pysops with Scientific Basis of a Logical Fallacy

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

For a Jab that government and media psyops campaigns told us was “safe and effective” with constant gaslighting and harrassment around horrific side effects for some or at least a few, there sure seems to be a whole lot of unsafe stuff being found, on top of never-was-effective (except for huge profits).

Dilbert Reborn, 2023-04-20
Dilbert Reborn, 2023-04-20

For those with their opinions assigned to them by the media these past years, the stories below will surely be dismissed as “anecdotal” (eg by doctors), or nonsense by those who in their surety are as anti-science as can be in their worship of The Science. But the point is that there are thousands of such untold tales affecting millions of people, and that not a few of them are real.

Below, not the worst story, but with brute force used to make the doctor take the Jab, it’s the same ugly story as for millions.

WSJ: My Weekly Covid Tests Continue

2023-03-29 by Nicole Saphier. Emphasis added.

I’m a doctor, and New Jersey still has an outdated vaccine mandate in place for medical personnel.

It’s 2023, and I still have to take a Covid test every week.

When the Covid vaccines became available two years ago, my rheumatologist, dermatologist and primary-care physician all worried that the shot might trigger an inflammatory response that would exacerbate an existing autoimmune disease. I spoke with a member of the Pfizer scientific team, who suggested that with my autoimmune history I should consider a lesser dose of the vaccine. That wasn’t an option at the pharmacies and hospitals that administered the shot, so I reluctantly received the full doses.

Less than two weeks after the second dose, I experienced symptoms including painful nodular scleritis of my eyes and wrenching chest pain from pericarditis. Prior to the vaccine, injectable medications kept the autoimmune disease under control, with occasional flare-ups. After the vaccine, it took six weeks of intense treatment to resolve the pericarditis. Three months after vaccination, I contracted Covid. The symptoms were flulike and didn’t result in the same inflammatory response.

So when the third, “booster” dose became available, I was determined not to get one, even after the state of New Jersey mandated it for medical workers in March 2022. My employer reviewed my medical record and granted an exemption...

Three months after the third dose, boosted and unboosted people transmitted the virus at the same level. This was evident as many of my colleagues were out of work with Covid while I had to provide a negative test to show up to work. My autoimmune symptoms continued to worsen, but the workforce was so diminished from the virus that taking a sick day for a non-Covid reason was a disfavored option.


WIND: we now see plainly that “safe and effective” was and is a mantra for children and idiots. Including this idiot doctor, who knew the risks, got whacked and suffered greatly with unknown long-term harm. And even after all that suffering and her own compliance, this idiot doctor seems unable to comprehend to lock into the evil involved and repudidate it. This is the kind of “leadership” that endangers public health.

The Jab was neither safe nor effective at preventing transmission or infection, all part of the most unethical mass experiment in history. That alone was good enough reason to not force the Jab upon the entire public, including the child abuse of jabbing children. We can never again trust public health authorities—not that we ever could but the illusion worked for a while. Think of the damage the loss of trust will do for decades when/if reasonable/good recommendations are made. And yet, maybe the silver lining is that some small segment of the doctors out there will find ways to achieve credibility over time.

The medical-industrial complex has few ethical boundaries remaining. The brutalization of people by threats and coercion to be Jabbed is only a symptom; far more evil lurks within.

I’d bet dollars to donuts that the claims of lives saved by the Jab are yet another case of fraudulent “science”, all while gaslighting the public about the harms to millions (physical and psychiatric).

Autopsy Studies of COVID-19 Illness Rule Out Extensive Myocarditis


Systematic review of 50 studies with 548 hearts does not find heart inflammation as significant contributor to death

..In summary, this review should be the nail in the coffin in ruling out COVID-19 illness as a cause of fatal myocarditis. Despite the virus being found in heart tissue, it was not causing significant inflammation. The explosion of fatal myocarditis by report of unexplained cardiac arrest, adjudication, and at necropsy must have another explanation than SARS-CoV-2 infection

The only new proven cause of heart damage in human populations is COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccines used in America (Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, Novavax) have been demonstrated to cause myocarditis as published in the peer-reviewed literature.

These observations call for immediate access to the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] COVID-19 vaccine administration database for physicians and other providers who are managing the burgeoning caseload of myocarditis. This will be the only way the epidemiology of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis can be studied and patient outcomes can be improved.


WIND: safe and effective?

Why the Body Attacks Itself After COVID-19 Vaccination


Autoimmunity is a direct consequence of poorly conceived genetic vaccines

For the first time, mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) and adenoviral DNA (Janssen) COVID-19 vaccines install the genetic code for our bodies to make a deadly foreign protein with the aspiration that our immune system would not only respond and protect us but also form live saving immunity from SARS-CoV-2.

We have come to learn this was the drug development miscalculation of all time. Production of a foreign protein in the human body has turned out to be a disaster as illustrated by Polykretis, et al. in a recent paper.

  1. Each cell that takes up the vaccine expresses the protein in the cell surface initiating autoimmune attack.
  2. The tissue distribution appears to be wide involving organs where this attack could be lethal (heart, brain, bone marrow, etc.).
  3. Both the genetic material and the spike protein are long-lasting (months to years) which is long enough to cause an autoimmune syndrome that may be permanent.


WIND: safe and effective? Auto-immunity is horrible, and my form of it is (thyroid disease) far from the worst.

Reports of ‘Incapacitated’ Airline Pilots Stoke Concerns, Calls for Investigations


Considering that airline pilots are “a very healthy” segment of the population, it’s disturbing to see a recent cluster of pilots becoming “incapacitated,”... During the past month, seven airline pilots have suffered sudden medical problems according to U.S. Freedom Flyers and Dr. William Makis, a Canadian doctor who has been documenting the trend worldwide.

Two of the incidents happened in the United States; both flights had to be diverted so the pilots could receive medical care. The remaining five incidents occurred in other countries.

Based on private conversations with other pilots, Yoder and Makis believe many more medical emergencies are likely escaping public notice.


WIND: whatever the actual numbers (odd things can randomly cluster), I’d bet that the Jab is responsible for most of it.

Vaccine Injury Reports Soared Above ‘Red Line’ After COVID-19 Vaccine Authorizations, Documents Show


...In the CDC’s contract with GDIT, obtained by the same researcher, the CDC said that VAERS received an average of 53,000 reports each year from 2014 through 2018. Of those reports, 5 percent were serious.

The total number of reports received during the pandemic is unclear, as each month did not include an exact number. But 268,157 reports were received by the end of March 2021, less than four months after the vaccines were rolled out, the newly disclosed documents show.


WIND: safe and effective? Sure looks like gaslighting and psyops to me.

What tiny part of the population benefitted from the Jab, by how much (using real science please), and when will the harms of the Jab to the bulk of the population be weighed, if ever?

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