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World’s Largest COVID-Jab Control Group Shows Massive Level of Harm from Jab

re: ethics in medicine
re: cognitive blindness

re: COVID Damage Reports Keep Accruing: Eye Problems, Cardiac Problems, Incapacitated Pilots

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

An astonishing outbreak of vaccine injuries, with story suppressed by Big Tech.

How the ‘hermit kingdom’ became the world’s control group for the largest vaccination trial ever


Isolated from the rest of the world, the Australian state of Western Australia (WA) managed to keep Covid out for most of 2021. During that time, almost four million doses of Covid vaccine were administered to the population. WA’s vaccine safety surveillance report for 2021 has just been released and the results are grim: an ‘exponential increase’ in adverse events, with hospitals struggling to cope.

... From the report, “The number of adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) reported to Western Australia Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) was significantly higher in 2021 than in previous years… due to the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination program.”

...In 2021, AEFIs for Covid vaccines were reported at almost 24x the rate of AEFIs for all other vaccines combined.* The report refers to this phenomenon as an ‘exponential increase,’ which is clearly visible in the accompanying graph.

...On 31 October, Premier Mark McGowan told a press conference that hospitals were “under enormous pressure” but that it was hard to know why that was. McGowan speculated that the cause might be a delayed reaction to Covid; however, there were only 16 cases of Covid in the month of October. There were over 1400 AEFI reports for all vaccinations in the same month, most of which were related to Covid vaccination.


WIND: “hard to know”? Yes, it’s especially hard to know anything when acknowledging the truth is career suicide or when cognitive dissonance would result. Or just plain cognitive commitment to a falsehood, leading to cognitive blindness.

Risk vs benefit analysis suggests that the Jab did far more harm than good in this case. Which means probably everywhere for most of the population, possibly excepting those most at risk. But policy made sure everyone took the risk, most for no benefit whatsoever—a gross breach of medical ethics (now an oxymoron).

Michael Eades MD opines from The Arrow #117:

...So these adverse events were as a direct result of the vaccine and not the vaccine given to a lot of people who already had the virus.

...This is Big Tech at its worst. It’s really despicable. Someone really doesn’t want us to read this article.

and on myocarditis:

Myocarditis from the Vaccine vs from Covid-19 Infection

Based on this study, it doesn’t look like those prodding people to get the vaccine by telling them they are just as likely, if not more so, to get myocarditis from coming down with Covid as they are getting it from the vaccine were dead wrong. Especially when you consider the Cleveland Clinic finding I wrote about a month or so ago showing those with the most vaccinations and boosters had the highest incidence of Covid.

...As an addendum to all this, today’s Wall Street Journal has an article by a doctor who is a director of breast imaging at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center... This beggars belief. The Pfizer scientific team that has withheld data and oversaw a truly shitty study, the same Pfizer scientific team that wants to jab babies, tells her she should take a lesser dose, and she and the dimwits at the hospital and pharmacies go ahead and give her the full dose. And she “reluctantly received the full doses.” All she had to do was take a half dose. She almost deserves what she got as a consequence of her own blind stupidity. She gets Covid, which wasn’t nearly as bad as the vaccine...

WIND: see COVID-Jab Damage Reports Keep Accruing: Eye Problems, Cardiac Problems, Incapacitated Pilots.

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