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Cyclist Killed in Broad Daylight on my Daily Route

re: ethics in medicine

A cyclist is dead; I knew it was only a matter of time.

I’ve ridden the section of Cañada Road near Filoli at least 2000 times on my daily rides (probably ~3000 times, eg at least every other day for 10-15 years) and maybe more given looping workouts. I’ve watched the rise in stoned pot smoking losers, drag-strip behavior, etc.

Over 15 years and ~3000 rides on that road, I have never seen a patrol car car between the Edgewood Rd and Hwy 92, the area in question. Never. I once asked an officer parked near '92 (doing something but not patrolling) why not and I got a bald-faced lie claiming they do patrol there. Odd, I must have missed it all 3000 or so of my rides all these years which span 30 minutes or so back-and-forth over that section of road.

I’ve called in a half dozen times the past few years to report high speed (100+ mph) behavior. It’s not taken seriously, meaning I never see a patrol car show up

What’s loathsome is that many of the local papers are calling it a “collision”, as if both parties are at fault. Yet one party had a deadly weapon.

UPDATE: turns out that this incident involved road rage, and is closer to murder than an accident. The driver is going to prison.

Bicyclist killed on Cañada Road

2023-04-11. Emphasis added.

At approximately 5:00pm CHP Redwood City Units were called to a crash on Cañada Road near Filoli Garden. It appears an Acura sedan was traveling northbound on Cañada Road and crashed with a cyclist also traveling northbound on Cañada Road. 

It is unknown at this time what caused the two vehicles to be involved in the crash. The driver of the Acura, a 22 year old Hispanic male out of Redwood City and his passenger were transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The cyclist, a 37 year old Filipino male out of South San Francisco suffered major injuries and was pronounced at the scene by emergency personnel. 

Witnesses are asked to contact the Redwood City Area Office at 650-779-2700 with any information regarding this crash.

Memorial to cyclist killed by motorist —  car parts and blood spots
Memorial to cyclist killed by motorist —  car parts and blood spots

WIND: curiously few details, like was the driver stoned or drunk, illegal alien, etc. But the companion in the car should be able to testify under penalty of perjury and maybe something will come of that, and maybe not.

The Acura detail is interesting—the road is frequented by young stoned males who like to soup-up Acuras and similar and then pretend it’s a drag strip—I’ve seen it too many times. The description fits perfectly with what I’ve seen over and over: some loser punk with girlfriend and no driving skill hitting very high speeds. Yeah, it’s speculation, but it all adds up.

Which is why I maintain high situational awareness every time I ride, along with a super-bright tail light and headlight night or day—an odds thing.

I met with a reporter here by happenstance at ~2 PM, described the dangerous situation, rode off, and promptly experienced a “muscle car” driver coming at me at 90 mph while passing downhill... that SOB saw me (headlight blazing) and nonetheless initiated an ultra high speed pass, flying by only a few feet away. May karma and an oak tree catch up with that POS soon.

Anyone who thinks this was an “accident” is an idiot. There is a wide bike lane, no vision obstruction, it was sunny and clear and cloudless. There can be no “accidents” under such conditions short of criminal intent or negligence. OK, I admit to a tiny chance of the cyclist doing something foolish, but that’s incredibly unlikely based on my years of experience and observation on this road section. And a reasonable and prudent driver doing the 50 mph speed limit would have an awfully hard time killing someone there. Probably the drive who killed the cyclist will get off with no charges (“accident”), but it’s highly likely a negligent homicide. Oh, and if it’s an illegal alien, San Mateo County will not be cooperating with ICE.

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