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Why Dietary Cholesterol Is Important

re: cholesterol and statins and atherosclerosis
re: ethics in medicine

I’ve spent hundreds of hours looking into the cholesterol/statin thing, with the conclusion that the entire ever-changing hypothesis is one huge steaming pile that via its bad advice has damaged the health of tens of millions maybe hundreds of millions of people.

The Epoch Times: Why Dietary Cholesterol Is Important

2023-04-14. Emphasis added.

...Cholesterol, located in the plasma membrane of cell walls, is an essential component of every cell in the body. It is so critical for our survival that every single cell in the body, except for brain cells, has the ability to make cholesterol (1).

Cholesterol has many uses in the body. It is the foundation of steroid hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, vitamin D, and important hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. It is essential for proper brain and nervous system function and development (12).

The Effects of Dietary Cholesterol on the Body

Eating foods high in cholesterol was initially thought to raise blood cholesterol levels and increase our chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Over the years some of the most nutritious foods, such as eggs, butter, and animal meats, became demonized by the health care profession. As a result, foods high in natural cholesterols have virtually become extinct from our diets... If you increase your carbohydrate intake and decrease your cholesterol intake, then you will force your body to produce excess cholesterol (2).

How the War Against Cholesterol Originated

...Ancel Keys had selectively picked through his data to generate results that would support his hypothesis (4).

...The large Framingham Heart Study demonstrated no discernible relationship between reported dietary cholesterol intake and serum cholesterol levels. Their results actually indicate high serum cholesterol levels are probably protective against cardiovascular disease.

They found cardiovascular related mortality rates to be much lower in individuals with high serum cholesterol levels, and much higher in those with low serum cholesterol levels (5). Unfortunately, these results were never published because the researcher could not believe the findings at the time (6).

Many studies since the Framingham Heart Study have suggested elevated serum cholesterol levels may be protective against death from cardiovascular disease (78). A more recent study demonstrates people who have low serum cholesterol levels were twice as likely to die from heart attacks than people with high serum cholesterol levels... No study to date has yet to demonstrate that there is any relationship between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol levels, or between serum cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease.


WIND: back in my 30's, being suckered into the low-fat craze, I ate too many carbs and some of the toxic crap that most Americans eat now, such as seed oils. My testosterone back then was 1/2 what it is now that I don’t eat that shit along with regular sinus infections and other problems.

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