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14 Million Cases of Type 2 Diabetes Linked to These Common Foods: Here’s How to Prevent It

re: cholesterol and statins and atherosclerosis
re: ethics in medicine

re: Alternative Dietary Patterns for Americans: Low-Carbohydrate Diets

Correct diagnosis/supposition...

14 Million Cases of Type 2 Diabetes Linked to These Common Foods: Here’s How to Prevent It

2023-04-21. Emphasis added.

An estimated 14 million cases of type 2 diabetes were caused by a bad diet, according to a study that was published this week. One specific type of food was singled out by researchers. Diets that did not include enough whole grains or had too much refined wheat, refined rice, or processed meats were linked to the disease, said researchers in a Nature Medicine study published on April 17.

“Our study suggests poor carbohydrate quality is a leading driver of diet-attributable type 2 diabetes globally, and with important variation by nation and over time,” senior author Dariush Mozaffarian, Jean Mayer Professor of Nutrition and dean for policy at the Friedman School said in a news release. “These new findings reveal critical areas for national and global focus to improve nutrition and reduce devastating burdens of diabetes.”

Federal officials say that “following a healthy eating plan” is one of the key ways to avoid type 2 diabetes, and that  “it is important to reduce the amount of calories you eat and drink each day, so you can lose weight and keep it off.” Regular exercise, not having an “inactive lifestyle,” losing weight is also a way to avoid the condition—namely if one was diagnosed with or suspects they are prediabetic.

After researching the dietary intakes of people in 184 countries via a model developed by the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, the study’s author said that over 14.1 million cases of type 2 diabetes were linked to “poor diet.” That represents more than 70 percent of new diagnoses worldwide of diabetes, which is characterized by the body’s cells having resistance to insulin.


“To do that, your diet should include smaller portions and less fat and sugar. You should also eat a variety of foods from each food group, including plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It’s also a good idea to limit red meat, and avoid processed meats,” it says....

WIND: models are garbage, they are not science.

Seriously? Whole grains are toxic in multiple ways, while exerting a glycemic load worse than pure table sugar: you have diabetes, so eat lots of stuff that raises blood sugar?! What in fuck’s sake do you eat when you eat less fat (a very bad idea)... more carbohydrates.

This is ignorant and dangerous dietary advice that is (a), to intake large amount of carbohydrates from grains and to (b) to reduce fat int the diet which means eating more carbs. OMG.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with grass fed red meat fatty or lean, that idiotic trope has seen its day and is still being vomited.

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