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Burning and Stabbing Pain after COVID Vaccination, Atypical Neuropathy Possibly Underdiagnosed: Neurologist

re: ethics in medicine

Net harm rarely if ever takes into account all the myriad side effect (damage) short of death. Big Medicine takes away your health via its lies/deceptions/fraud, and you get left holding the bag.

I am particularly sensitive to the issue of neuropathy, having issues to this day inflicted on me by a duplicitous doctor via double the usual dose for double the usual time of Metronidazole.

See also: Looking Back on the Sadism of the Covid-19 Shaming Campaign

Dilbert Reborn 2023-04-20

Burning and Stabbing Pain after COVID Vaccination, Atypical Neuropathy Possibly Underdiagnosed: Neurologist


Unexplored COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events (Part 4)

Three days post-vaccine, former Pussycat Dolls member Jessica Sutta woke up to “the most excruciating muscle spasms” that were unlike anything she had ever experienced, she said.

As an athlete and a professional dancer, she had broken her rib before on tour, “so I know pain very well,” she said in an exclusive interview on “American Thought Leaders.”

Sutta tried her typical therapies—seeing the chiropractor, doing acupuncture, getting massaged, and resting—but the muscle spasms and pain persisted, worsening into burning and stabbing pain in her sides.

Sutta was finally referred to a neurologist by her general practitioner. “[My general practitioner] finally let me see him, and the first thing he said was, ‘When did you get the vaccine?'” she said. “He goes, ‘I think you had an adverse reaction.’

...The pain Sutta experienced was small fiber neuropathy. She described it as feeling like she was being subjected to fire. “It would come in contractions, it would come in waves, and it was so debilitating, and I just didn’t know what to do,” she said. Unfortunately for Sutta, her neuropathy remains today.

...Several studies have linked COVID-19 vaccines to small fiber neuropathy. A 2022 National Institutes of Health-funded study that hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed detected signs of small fiber neuropathy in half of the COVID-vaccinated people.

...While there are several anti-epileptic and antidepressant drugs used as first-line treatments for addressing small-fiber neuropathic pain, the results haven’t been too promising, with low overall effectiveness... [WIND: a farce, you are screwed, and you have to pay for this shit made by Big Pharma, which fucked up your life with the Jab]

...Another problem Gazda and Berkowitz noted was that many of the neurological adverse events postvaccine don’t occur as a single symptom. That’s because many different biochemical and metabolic pathways are affected.


WIND: condemned to a lifetime of pain and suffering by the “safe and effective” COVID Jab, which had no value whatsoever for this patient or 90% of the population. Left to pay her own medical bills—forever. Compensation? Nope.

What does “safe and effective” mean if you get lifelong nerve damage and auto-immune or anything else that doctors rarely bother to report/track/study? BTW, “treatment” of neuropathy is a farce—there is no fix or cure, only half-assed and ineffective expensive Big Pharma drugs while you hope your life will be unfucked—unlikely. This psychopathic industry gets you coming and going.

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