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Religion Masquerading as Science: the new Messiahs of Pagan Idolatry

re: ethics in medicine and rationalization
re: unsettled science
re: Religion Masquerading as Science

Crackpot “experts” are now increasingly woke moralizing social justice warriors, a metastisizing pagan-idolatry messiah class writing “scientific” papers that are ruining lives and undermining civilization, while doing their best to destroy any credibility that science has left to it.

Messiah Gardner is an author of this anti-scientific paper, trumpeting an anti-scientific “Alignment with ... a Scientific Statement”. You can’t make-up this dog shit*.

Where better to publish such a gift-wrapped dog turd than in SFGate?

This food expert aspires to a diet full of goodness – but he didn't always

2023-04-17. Emphasis added.

Christopher Gardner was once a junk-food-devouring teen. Today, he eats a whole-food, plant-based diet, works to improve the food system and encourages people to "be intentional about food choices. Think about them, ask others about them, discuss them, be aspirational in terms of trying to hit as many of the high notes as you can at one time."

...The American Heart Association News series asks specialists to explain how they apply what they've learned to their own lives. Here are the highlights from Gardner.

...My aspirational diet is the intersection of unapologetic deliciousness, human health, animal rights and welfare, and social justice (environmental sustainability and human labor issues in the food industry).


WIND: cloying propaganda, coming soon to a healthcareabuse facility near you.

If you can read the piece without vomiting, note the utter lack of any science—it’s a religious conversion stemming from a breakup with a girflfriend not much different than finding Jesus. It’s the same, actually. Would be funny if not so pathetic.

And this guy is a “scientist” and “expert” at... Stanford University.

This is how it goes forward: militant religious crackpots multilating the Elfs of science into Orcs, for those who know Tolkien.

* BTW, is The Simulation messing with us with militant vegan 'Gardner' in effect a gardener?

Anon MD writes:

A freak. Militant veganist. He preaches to his student choir and send them out to hector everyone else.

WIND: sent *before* I wrote this post. Religion Masquerading as Science.

Anon MD (another one, a cardiologist) writes:

Its all about feelings, virtue signaling and elitism (“I’m better than you are because I’m a vegetarian”). How many common people can follow, much less afford a complex vegetarian diet? Milk comes from mammals, not beans.

Bullshit. Time for Soylent Green!

This kind of crap is also why I’m done with the American Heart Association. I smelled this kind of crap 15 years ago when serving on national committees of the AHA. Buzz words like those you highlighted in the last sentence.

WIND: the older generation of doctors is not happy.

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