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Was the COVID Jab a Colossal Failure or a Huge Success?

re: ethics in medicine
re: COVID-19 Vaccines Safety and Effectiveness: Gaslighting and Pysops with Scientific Basis of a Logical Fallacy

Real science is never settled, and anyone who has certainty on such things is not qualified to discuss it.

No wonder Big Pharma destroyed the control groups and continues to resist releasing data.

If net mortality was a wash for mRNA vaccines, then taking the millions of vaccine injuries into account means that the mRNA Jabs did massive net harm.

See also: Looking Back on the Sadism of the Covid-19 Shaming Campaign

Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines Had No Effect on Overall Mortality: Trial Data Reanalysis


The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines did not impact overall mortality, a reanalysis of clinical trial data found.

The two vaccines, both based on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, protected against deaths from COVID-19 but that effect was offset by vaccinated trial participants being more likely to die from cardiovascular problems, Christine Stabell Benn, a health professor at the University of Southern Denmark, and other researchers reported in April in the Cell journal.

On the other hand, vaccines that utilized adenoviruses, such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, had a favorable impact on both COVID-19 mortality and overall mortality, according to the reanalysis.

The research analyzed data from randomized clinical trials (RCTs) reported by the companies that manufacture the vaccines.

“In the RCTs with the longest possible blinded follow-up, mRNA vaccines had no effect on overall mortality despite protecting against some COVID-19 deaths. On the other hand, the adenovirus-vector vaccines were associated with lower overall mortality,” researchers said.

“The differences in the effects of adenovirus-vector and mRNA vaccines on overall mortality, if true, would have a major impact on global health,” they added later.

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca did not respond to requests for comment.


WIND: $100+ billion dollars in profit later, profit that was based on a zero-risk government funded effort and exemption from all liability, Big Pharma has to be congratulated for its masterful exploitation of the system.

Side effects, some life-altering and horrifying, are scarcely in the net-harm equation by proponents of the mRNA Jabs.

A Plethora of Skin Symptoms Reported After COVID Vaccination, Solution Exists

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