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HydraPak SoftFlask for 5 Servings of Energy Gel

HydraPak SoftFlask

The HydraPak SoftFlask lets you carry five servings of energy gel, filled from bulk bottles such as those sold by Hammer Nutrition, e.g. Hammer Gel in 26-serving bottles.

See pricing at Amazon for HydraPak SoftFlask @AMAZON.

I fill the flask and stick it in the refrigerator, ready to go. When I’m done, I simply top it off again— since the gel is being sucked out, there is no contamination risk from re-use. Periodically, I wash it clean.

I used the SoftFlask during the Everest Challenge, and was very satisfied with its usefulness:

  • A compact way to carry five servings of energy gel (good for 2 hours or so) in one package (weighs about 225g when full with five servings).
  • An 8-serving flask is also available.
  • Shrinks to take virtually no pocket space as the gel is consumed.
  • No waste— every last drop of gel can be sucked out.
  • No messy gel packets to litter your pockets or the roadside.
  • Can be used easily by holding it only with the teeth. Thus, gel can be consumed on high speed descents where both hands are needed on the handlebar. This saves precious seconds in a race.
  • Can be weighed before/after so that to-the-gram fuel consumption can be obtained.
  • Easily topped-off and refillable.
  • Washes up easily.


As weighed with a lab scale goot to 1/10 gram.

5 oz model: 19.6 grams
8 oz model: 21.7 grams

Compared to the Hammer Nutrition gel flask

I have used the Hammer Nutrition gel flask, which I consider hugely inferior to the SoftFlask: the Hammer gel flask does not shrink in volume as one consumes the gel, nor can it be used easily without one hand holding and squeezing it. Nor does the Hammer flask make it possible to consume all the contents. There is just no comparison here, the HydraPak SoftFlask is the way to go.

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