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Weights of 29er Mountain Bike Tires As Weighed

Last updated 2011-08-27 - Send Feedback
Related: gear, Moots, mountain biking

Weights on this page as weighed (not from specifications) on my gram-accurate OHaus lab scale. Multiple weights are from multiple tire samples.

29er tires

Weights in grams as weight. Multiple weights are from multiple tires.

Schwalbe cheats on weights like most every tire vendor, because all of the Schwalbe tires that I weighed were from 14g to 44g ounces heavier than claimed (per tire).

Bontrager Team Issue 29 X 1.90:  427
Bontrager Team Issue 29 X 2.1    590
Schwalbe Furious Fred 29 X 2.00:  {374, 382} = 378, +28g
(Schwalbe: 360g)
Schwalbe Rocket Ron HS 406 TLR 29 X 2.25:   {543, 550, 537} = 543, +23g
(Schwalbe: 520g)
Schwalbe Racing Ralph HS 391 TLR Snakeskin 29 X 2.25: {681, 688} = 684, +44g
(Schwalbe: 640g for #11600199)

Don’t forget that when running tubeless, two bottles of Stan’s NoTubes sealant weighs about another 135g per tire.

Moots 2011 MootoX RSL titanium frame and Moots titanium seatpost by

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