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Easton EC90 XC Wheelset — Ride and Handling

Last updated 2011-08-07 - Send Feedback
Related: gear, Moots, mountain biking

The bottom line with a wheelset is how well it rides, and here I am absolutely thrilled, my test rig being my Moots YBB 26 with Schwalbe Racing Ralph 26 X 2.25" #11600117 tubeless tires inflated to ~32 PSI.

Please note that I tested the 15QR front axle version, which I strongly recommend.

Cornering and comfort magic

The Easton EC90 XC wheelset is not only very stiff for predictable handling under side forces (cornering), but also seems to have a degree of compliance when hitting stuff hard— a magical combination that results in great handling and comfort as well.


Perhaps the most striking aspect of riding the EC90 XC wheels is what I’ll call the “flippability”— these wheels are incredibly easy to maneuver, which makes avoiding a rock at the last split second a piece of cake— flip the wheel to the side and it’s instantly around that rock or hole or stick. The real-world fun-value (and safety factor) of this quickness cannot be underestimated when hammering down singletrack full of rocks and roots. Even at high speed where wheel momentum rises, these wheels remain highly maneuverable.

In boxing, there are beaters that just pound away, and there are those with finesse and quickness. While these wheels (and the rider) can be beaten up hammering over the nasty stuff, the Easton EC90 XC wheels offer those with skill and finesse a chance to choose just the right “line”, and that’s the type of riding I prefer for my 26" MTB.

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Spoke noise

NONE. I heard no pinging or spoke tension sounds whatsoever, no matter what the terrain.

Tire change

No experience here as this was written. The Stan’s sealant is doing its job well.

Moots YBB as built by — drivetrain and rear Easton EC90 XC wheel

Where I got my wheels

15QR is superior if your fork supports it

I bought my set of the Easton EC90 XC wheelset at, in Escondido, CA. BikeBling has a wide variety of cycling gear— give them a try. also has the Easton EC90 Carbon 29er wheelset, which amazingly is only 10% heavier than the 26" version.

Get the Easton EC90 XC 26" carbon fiber wheelset at
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