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Blackburn AirStik Mountain Air MTB Pump

Last updated 2011-10-04 - Send Feedback
Related: gear, Maintenance, mountain biking

The Blackburn AirStik Mountain Air AnyValve pump is a frame-mount bicycle pump with very good volume for a portable pump, a primary pump for mountain bikers. The Mountain Air has enough volume to quickly add pressure to even larger mountain bike tires.

The Mountain Air AnyValve comes with a mounting kit for attaching to the water bottle mount under the water bottle cage, but it can also be carried in a jersey pocket. Though it protrudes from a jersey pocket, it stays put in the pocket.

See pricing at Amazon.


I weighed the AirStik Mountain Air on one of my OHaus lab scales good to 1/10 gram.

AirStik 2-stage: 158 grams +23g for frame mount

In the field — ideal for topping off leaks

Unlike tedious and slow screw-on designs like the Lezyne, the Blackburn Mountain Air has an instant attach/detach cycle which is unlikely to ever cause damage to the valve (as happened to me with the Lezyne).

This quick on/off design really does matter out there in the wild— with a persistent hissing leak, the pump can be slotted onto the valve, air added quickly, then the pump can be pulled off quickly. This lets me make forward progress of 1/4 mile at a time (e.g, some reasonable distance).

Blackburn AirStik Mountain Air MTB Pump
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