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Shimano DuraAce BR-9000 Brakes (Road)

Last updated November 05, 2012 - Send Feedback
Shimano BR-9000 brake caliper
Shimano BR-9000 brake caliper

The Shimano DuraAce 9000 series appeared on the market in late 2012. The groupo includes new brakes that are more powerful:

Long, fast descents demand confidence. Dura-Ace brakes deliver, with a new symmetrical dual pivot design and twin bearings reducing pivot friction and improving efficiency and controllability. Along with new low-friction BC-9000 cables, Dura-Ace brakes give smooth, light operation with excellent modulation. Available with conventional mount or direct mount for aero road bikes (BR-9010).

10% more power than BR-7900
Smooth and light operation with increased modulation
Also available in direct mount version (BR-9010) for aero applications

I retrofitted my Moots Vamoots RSL road racing bike in early November 2012 with the new Shimano BR-9000 brake calipers, replacing the earlier generation BR-7900 calipers.

I ride and race a lot of steep mountainous terrain

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Big tire bonus

The BR-9000 brake calipers provide a much improved tire clearance profile— so much so that I was able to pop in my cyclocross wheel with a Schwalbe Ultremo 700 X 28C clincher tire with ~3mm clearance to spare (tight tire fit on the brake pads when inserting wheel, but once in, the tire clears the caliper and fork just fine).

The FMB Boyaux 700 X 27C tubular tire also fits and is a great riding tire.

On the bike

What I noticed right off the bat was increased breaking power, yet with excellent modulation. I adjusted to the new performance very quickly. These brakes are AWESOME.

Especially with carbon rims, more braking power is always welcome (as with my Lightweight Obermayer and Lightweight VR8 and Lightweight Standard and Lightweight Ventoux wheelsets).

I am pleased with the BR-9000 brake upgrade. Brakes can never be too good— they’re what stand between you and the (unforgiving) pavement.

Shimano BR-9000 brake caliper
Shimano BR-9000 brake caliper

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