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Ritchey SuperLogic II Handlebar

Last updated 2012-02-23 - Send Feedback
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The Ritchey SuperLogic II carbon fiber handlebar (search at Amazon) is a very strong but lightweight handlebar that I’ve chosen for my Moots Psychlo X RSL cyclocross bike, in conjunction with the Ritchey WCS 260 alloy stem and Ritchey SuperLogic Carbon seatpost.

I’m looking for light weight with some strength in a handlebar, and the Ritchey SuperLogic II looks to have the ideal blend. While I love the Shimano Vibe Pro Bar for its ultra-sturdy feel, it is also relatively heavy, and for the Everest Challenge, my goal is to build a durable and reliable bike that minimizes weight. Thus, adding several ounces is not an option.

  • Reach and drop progressively increases with bar width -- ensuring optimal fit in every size.
  • Anatomical bend for wide spacing at the tops and ample forearm clearance in the drops.
  • Center section is aero bar compatible.
  • No-slip grit at stem and brake lever mounting surfaces.


Initial riding on my Moots Psychlo X RSL cyclocross bike gave me a very favorable impression of this bar.

The central flat area in the drops makes for a very secure grip, and the slightly extended length affords more hand position options. By comparison, the Bontrager Race XXX Lite handlebar is so abbreviated that my hands end up part way off the end of the drops— a good way to make a crash mistake.

Click for a larger image. The bar has been wrapped doubly-thick.

2012 Moots Psychlo X RSL titanium cyclocross bike


I weighed several handlebars on my lab scale

Bontrager Race XXX Lite: 175g
Ritchey SuperLogic II: 194g = +19g
Shimano Vibe Round UD Carbon: 222g = +47g
Shimano Vibe Compact UD Carbon: 208g = +32g

The Bontrager bar is too flexible for my riding style (though comfortable), and the Shimano Vibe Pro Bar is another 32 grams, so the Ritchey bar looks to be a perfect compromise; a 32g lighter bar will add some comfort, and saving over an ounce on one part is how stuff doesn’t add up to too much weight on a climbing bike.

Ritchey Logic SuperLogic II Carbon handlebar
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